Monday, November 26, 2012

Paintchwork with Helen Godden

Back on the first weekend in October Tania had a girls road trip to Canberra to attend a Helen Godden Arty Farty weekend. I was a bit worried about painting on fabric, it wasn't something I had done before, But Helen was amazing, she explained everything, helped with everything and didn't mind any of my silly questions!!
We traced the pattern - yay for big windows to stick everything on to!!

We painted in between the chalk lines....yes even I can colour between the lines!!
Then we free motion quilted along all the chalk lines, then inside the painted areas, then we painted again on enclosed areas within the ribbons of colour. (Need to take another photo of finished quilt).
I was really happy with the results and am inspired to try something else! Was a great weekend and we got to see Floriade as well!!

Most amazing plantings and garden beds and colours!

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