Sunday, April 21, 2013

ACQ 13

Had a wonderful day at the ACQ 13 today, Donna drove us in - luxury!! I went to look at the exhibitions first, otherwise I get tired and don't look at the wonderful work! Just a few of the amazing quilts there at ACQ
Off we go....
Jenny, Sue, Chris

Sue, Chris, Donna

most amazing quilt, so much detail

colour and bling!

just beautiful

amazing quilting!

painted on to white fabric then machine quilted - love this one!

made by a NZ quilter - amazing applique flowers

one of the twelve by twelve quilts - was drawn to a quilt in each colour section and they turned out to be all made by the same person.

love to know what was fascinating to look at!!

always love tea cups - another from the 12 x 12

loved this quilt, the leaves were made with wool rovings pulled out in a fine layer then held on with the quilting and some yellow hand stitches.

love the fishes here, embroidered on to a felt background I think

A Helen Godden quilt, painted on to black fabric, then machine quilted in different coloured threads, some metallic. In real life the blue was bluer.


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

They all look stunning. So lucky of you to be able to attend. hugs

kiwikid said...

Yes Sharon lucky it is just an hour for us to get to the city and also I don't have small children so I can take off for the day!

Anonymous said...

great pics Sue and my favourite is the horse glad you all had a great day.xx

kiwikid said...

Thanks Shez - yes there were so many beautiful quilts - I had to refrain from taking photos!! We enjoyed ourselves but were tired when we got home!!