Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mill Rose Friends day today

What a wonderful day!!! I haven't laughed so much for is the paparazzi that seems to assemble on the day!! :-)

Margs mug rug - made by Tracee who was having a laugh at the others who are over mug rugs!!

Marg with her real swap gift - a block storer made by Tracee - beautiful.

this is the plug at the end of the roll - just beautiful!! Top side....

...under side!
Blogger is being mean and not letting me put up photos again so I am going to eat dinner and then maybe will try again!!
Tania with her swap from yours truly!
And my swap which was from Tania!! What are the chances of that happening??
Sharon loving her swap

Shez showing her coat hangers - they smelt of lavender - beautiful!! I think from Christine.

Mel looking gorgeous in her new apron - I think from Shez
The beautiful Cheryll all the way from Lake Macquarie!! Chez (not to be confused with Shaz or Shez!!) gave us all a beautiful gift bag
with quilt labels,  lovely owl fridge magnet, book mark and retro pegs..well that was mine, I think they were all a little different.
Peg and Dale made an appearance and met Pumpkin who came to me in the Colour Swap organised by Cheryll, from Anna.
Serious discussion here!!
Sharon's beautiful quilt
Christine's Christmas banner
Christine's chooky quilt front
and back

Marion's Dr Seuss quilt
very clever people and the most beautiful work!
I pinched this photo from the Mill Rose page!
Great day was had......Say no more....


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

My cheeks are so sore. I have not laughed so much for some time. Thank you for sharing in such a fun day. hugs

marina said...

lovely to see you girls again, what a great day.
didn't get to catch up with you guys as much, especially as you were on the noisy table.

Elyte said...

Fabulous afternoon, nice to see closeups of the lovely gift that Tracee made.

Melody said...

A fabulous day again and so lovely to see you again.

kiwikid said...

Pardon me!!!!! :-) I am not sure about that Marina!!

kiwikid said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself - hope you are a bit happier after yesterday!

kiwikid said...

So good to see you out and about Mel - watch out for those steps ok!! :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

A great day with all the show and tell....nice you got to meet peg and dale too....

Anonymous said...

lovely post Sue,it sure was a wonderful day my lovely friend it was so good to catch up again,can i just let you know that by replying on the comments those people dont get to see them unless they come back to look at the comments you need to comment on which email service you get you message,hope that makes sense Sue.xx