Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beautiful day!

We have woken up to a not so windy day today and the sun is out and the forecast temp is 21 degrees! Yoo hoo!!  Went for a walk along the beach this morning, was windy on the beach but much better than the last 2 days
tide out is good, plenty of walking room, although some of the sand was soft which makes for harder walking, but I am told by DH is really good for the leg muscles...mmmmmm...
got to the rocks at the end of this section of beach and not being very nimble at rock climbing decided to turn back...a cuppa was calling too!!
In the afternoon I drove up to the headland at Woolgoolga to see if I could see a whale or two....but no, only the waves crashing onto the rocks and the occasional white cap that made me

Amazing view!

Back in the afternoon for some stitching and
the last little bit of unsewing!!Boy will I be very careful before I sew any more on!! Phew!! Unsewing is not a favourite activity!!
Some of the colours in the garden here, there are some amazing plants. I love the statue too so had to add a photo of that!!

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Anonymous said...

lovely pics Sue,glad its not so windy for you.xx