Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St Leonard's Weekend

Saturday was a glorious day....the bay was calm, the sun was shining, what more could you want?...

maybe just a quiet place to sit and sew...those hexagons need to be done......and

I got to avoid the painting...actually DH was happy to be left to his own devices, didn't need a gopher today! lol!!

Chowdy was resting after his morning walk...and being very suspicious of that woman with her camera AGAIN!! But he is so cute!!

Then in the afternoon we went for another walk to look for beach glass, 'cos we know someone who collects it and it is nice to be able to add to the collection! The weather had changed a little, a few spits of rain but not too bad,

a pelican flew past, I was a little slow with the camera! :-)

and this is the quilt I am trying to repair , I am now making small hexies (half inch small mmmmmm... didn't think that one through!!) to go randomly into the large black spaces..I like a challenge in my life!!

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Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

So wish I could enjoy that view :) hugs