Monday, September 2, 2013

Wonderful weekend

Tania and I headed off to St Leonard's on Saturday morning, plus dogs, to have a relaxing, stress free, sewing weekend
We stopped in Geelong to give the dogs a break from the car and to take some bollard photos - I love the Geelong bollards!!

Tania in charge of the dogs!

Tupai waiting impatiently!!

Isn't this just beautiful? I so love being near the water and it was a beautiful day.

Walking on the pathway over the water

I think this is a banjo shark, was just cruising along near where we were walking.
Yay!! I managed to finish something!! It was a "huge"job (not) I finally got the label sewn onto this mini quilt....has only taken me 5 months!! Oh boy now I am embarrassed!! And it only took 15 minutes!! Lol!!

Tupai went for a swim in the waves - he wasn't bothered by the howling north wind!

then had a snooze under the table

Ollie snoozed on the couch...while keeping an eye on the strange person with a camera!

I managed another finish on first block of the Farmyard Frolics 2 - now to get on with the next three awaiting some attention!!

It must be jelly fish time of the year...these ones were floating in to shore

some had been damaged, maybe by birds?

some are quite big

the toy voyagers had a lovely time sitting on the beach watching the world go by

this was one of the biggest jelly fish we saw

Monday morning we went for a wander along the beach, we left at 10.15 for a short walk to the Yacht Club and back, then decided to wander along to the boat launching ramp in case we could see some pelicans, we got to see three but my photos are all rubbish!! It was such a beautiful day we were in no rush to go back home, but eventually got hungry and were surprised to find it was 10 to 1 when we got back! We had lunch, then packed up and headed home. I was sad to say goodbye to the beach!!

Some sleepy dogs on the way home!

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful weekend girls and i love those bollards too.xx