Friday, January 10, 2014

Big learning curve!

Today I have been wrestling with this fabric covered cord and boy have I wrestled!!! It was really hard to get under the walking foot of the machine and then to get it to sew!
somehow I don't think it is supposed to look like this! Lol!! My fault as I forgot to put the walking foot down! Duh! Too many things to think of at once while wrestling!!

Ok, looks a little messy but we are at least sewing! Phew!!

OOPS!! Every now and then the zig zag stops and I get straight sewing and a hole! Mmmmmm...not sure what I am doing wrong here! Will go back later and hand sew the gap closed....
Got to 9 inches for the base...looks messy but at least this is the I have run out of cotton, so have to make a decision....go with black or gray????  I think gray is the better choice, maybe??? Well I am now geared up for FNWF to get more of this done!! You can see other Friday night sewers over at Cheryll's place
Happy sewing!


Farm Gate Creations said...

All comes down to trial and error I guess Sue, Looks fab from here.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Sue,can't wait to see it finished.xx

Helen said...

Full marks for your patience it will look great when your finished !!