Friday, March 14, 2014

Samoa Ramblings 3

Still here.....still hot.....but the sun has been shining the last few days, we have been out and about and having a wonderful time!
Turtle at the turtle pool (surprise!!) I think they are used to being fed, but I didn't have any food for them!

Lunch break, the sun is shining,the sky is blue as is the water, no sand, but a beautiful day!

Lunch spot, on the south coast.

And then after lots of narrow windy potholes roads, we came to this ford, to cross or not to cross!! That was the question!! We turned around, started to drive back, but stopped and spoke to a young man and he said just drive through, with a huge smile on his face!! So we turned around and drove back,I walked through, just over ankle deep but strong current, a local lady came by and said drive through, so she waited on the other side, I gathered my courage and through we problems!! All that panic for nothing!! Paid said lady $5.00 local currency and off we went!!

This young man was at the Cultural Centre, they had a free display so we went along, was very, very hot and we were sitting in the sun for ages, but it was the best time! I got to try kava when they had the welcoming ceremony, didn't fall over so all was good!! Here he is scraping taro with part of a tin.

this man is wrapping tuna fish in palm leaves to cook on the fire,

Chris making a basket, he was the main talker and very informative, his tattooing took many hours and is incredibly painful, but you have to have it done once you start otherwise it is seen as great shame for your family!  

Oops, sorry got a toy voyager in the pic!! Sorry, but this is the umu, like an above ground hangi to me, heated stones, wood is taken away and food is then put onto the stones and covered with leaves.

demonstration of coconut tree climbing! Very fast and agile!

Lunch - taro, tuna and taro leaves cooked with coconut milk! Tasted amazing!

Very, very clever man, is 4 times world champion in his kind of dancing, very interesting and funny speaker, Edith on the right, a German tourist we have met at the hotel, lovely lady.

and today I have been fabric shopping!! Another hot and steamy for a swim now!!
Happy days!


marina said...

thanks for taking us along on your travels.
gorgeous fabrics! Even the toys approve.

Farm Gate Creations said...

I'm so glad that you have lots of pics, it's great to see what is around, glad to see that the cheeky toy voyagers are behaving.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I am enjoying these posts. Thank you for sharing. hugs

Helen said...

Great pics thanks for sharing !!!

rita said...

I can't see MooseS...
Have a great time !!!