Thursday, April 24, 2014

A finish and a work in progress

Today I have finished another sheep - this one is a little less armadillo, or was that aardvark, looking!!
he  has joined the not quilt right sheep in the craft room
think I might make another one, one day...they are so lovely and cuddly!
Now I am off to attempt another block in the Underground Railroad book, this one has lots of flying geese...mmmmm.....could be a challenge!! I tried this last week and got very hot under the collar when I couldn't figure out the instructions. I left it and went back the next morning, and actually read the pattern again, and discovered I hadn't cut enough fabric!! Duh!! No wonder it didn't work!! Maybe I can get it right this time!!

Happy sewing!


Tania said...

Lovely new armadillo, just joking, I know it's a sheep! Have fun with your underground railroad block..... x

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cute lambkins! That book looks fantastic. Great block.

Anonymous said...

What a cute sheep Sue and love the quote.xx

marina said...

very cute new sheep, he looks quite at home with his little friend.
enjoy your new railroad block, will look forward to seeing the new group shot of this latest block too.

Elyte said...

Love both of those little sheep. Well done.