Saturday, April 5, 2014


Another great FNWF was had here in Gisborne, TaniaMargTracee and myself gathered at my house, Tracee was a little late as the chooks didn't want to go to bed and so kept her waiting!!
But that didn't hold us back, we got on with the job of chatting, snacking and putting the world to rights, oh and of course some sewing!!
Happy sewers ready for action!

My Wagon Wheel - this was tricky, we had to put interfacing on the back and then turn it through - in doing so we had to cut of half to three quarters of an inch - my interfacing didn't stick to the backing - I think I must have put it on back to front!! Duh!!

Marg's wagon wheel, turned and ready to be attached to the backing

Tania made hers a different way, she used a little vislioflix (I can't spell or say that word!! lol!) and machine appliqued her wagon wheel bits on,

and finished first!!! One happy sewer!

Marg hand sewing her centre to the wagon wheel,

Tania has moved onto the next block, she is firing along!!

We had a break for supper, berries in jelly and I had a dollop of cream, yum!!

And here are the finished blocks, Tracee was with us, she had a lot of problems with her interfacing, it melted under the iron, so she had to take it off and try again with plain calico. So much for my blasé  statement that this looked like an easy block!! I will never say that again!! But I just realised that I didn't get a photo of Tracee - I had one but she looked like a deer caught in the headlights so it was deleted! So another block completed on the Underground Railroad Sampler - and we have homework!!!! Next block to be attempted at home during the month!Oh dear that is a bit scary!! Don't forget to visit Cheryll and see what others have been up to on FNWF.
Happy sewing!


retdairyqueen said...

So nice to have friends to sew with
The wagon wheels are looking good

Cath said...

great work girls!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Fiona said...

lovely sewing all of you..... so fun to do the same thing but all in your own way...

Helen said...

Lovely wagon wheels and lovely to have your friends over.

Bev C said...


Wow, those wagon wheel blocks look fantastic as does the fruit and cream.

Happy days.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great blocks. Nice to know you were all together stitching along with everyone.

Cheryll said...

What a fantastic way to spend FNWF...actually with friends!
Great project to work on as well. Thanks for sewing with me... :)

Heather said...

What a great way to spend the night. Lots of lovely sewing going on.

Sylvia said...

Fun night and your blocks look great!

wish2stitch said...

Looks like such a fun night despite the hassles. Blocks are looking good. Visiting from FNWF.

Kathleen Wall said...

Fun to share time with stitching friends. Great job on the blocks!

Elyte said...

The blocks look great. Lucky you have each other for support.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Looks like you had a great night with friends and your blocks came out beautifully!

Farm Gate Creations said...

Looking like a deer in head lights is much better than looking like a hairy nosed wombat...thanks for a great night.