Friday, July 18, 2014

So happy!!!

This morning I heard that the surf quilt I made for a military man in Afghanistan has arrived and he is very happy with it!!! Yay!! Once I check if it is ok I will put a photo of him and the quilt up here! So excited!!!

I finished the sewing on the Aussie hero quilt yesterday and now I am ready to quilt - I should be there now in fact!! Lol!!

Yesterday I discovered I can use these big bulldog clips on the edge of the dining table to keep the quilt sandwich taut!! That should be helpful - only taken me a few years to work that one out!!! Lol!! 

..ready to be quilted! Have put an extra layer of wadding under the elephants so I will free range quilt around them again and hope they stand out a little to give a bit more interest. Then I am going to try and quilt elephant shapes....nothing like aiming high is there!!! Lol!!

Yes, good advice and something else I need to work on!
Off to create elephants now
Happy sewing!!

Oh!! I nearly forgot...I am joining up with FNSI over  at Wendy's I am hoping to get the binding on the elephant quilt - that is if I get the quilting done!!
Off I go now!! Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue i love that tip i must remember that,thankyou and love the elephant quilt its looking fantastic and what a buzz hearing back about your surf quilt,its an awesome thing you are doing Sue,love that quote,so true,enjoy your day my friend.xx

Janet said...

I've heard about using bulldog before. I must try it! The quilt is going to look fantastic with the extra padding under the elephants. And yes quilting elephant shapes is ambitious! :)

Tania said...

Hello, hope the free range quilting is going welll lol, and enjoy your sewing tonight xx

marina said...

love the elephants on your quilt and the colours are beautiful!
so great that your surfer was well received. it was a great quilt.

retdairyqueen said...

Just a question about your Afganistan quilts Do you know who you are sending too and how do I find more information about making a quilt or two for them?

Raewyn said...

How exciting about your quilt finding its way to its new home! Good work with the bulldog clips - I also use plastic-spring handled (?) clamps from the hardware shop to help with my quilt sandwich stage - their size suits my table better. The elephant quilt sounds like it is going to be great - have fun with it and don't forget to show the finished quilt!

Helen said...

Great news about your quilt, well done ! Enjoy your new adventure quilting the elephants, very brave of you !!!!!!

Fiona said...

It's great to get feedback about the lovely quilts you are makign.... great size table... I like those clips too .... looking forward to seeing your quilted ele's....