Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thought for the day

I was pootling around on facebook as you do when you are avoiding what you should be doing (replace you with I!!) and found this - I love the wisdom Kermit so wanted to share!
So now I had better get off and do some sewing, the elephants are ironed on and now need to be sewn on - I think I will put stabiliser on the back as the Indian fabrics are very thin
Supervisor giving the quilt top the once over.....and then wanted to know when he was going to the park!!

hopefully this meets the request of Indian continent, bold colours and elephants!!
Happy sewing!


Tania said...

Love the Kermit thought, and the quilt is looking great. Glad the Supervisor is on the job... lol

Fiona said...

lovely Indian theme quilt growing there... and yes, kermit is a very smart frog...

spiritedsummer said...

Fantastic quilt with elephants, looks amazing. I had my 'supervisor' snuffling round this morning too hehe.