Wednesday, October 22, 2014


As we were driving along I said to my long suffering DH oh look there is another cathedral over there........imagine rolling of eyes and sighing, but we headed off the motorway and after driving around in circles finally found it, well what is left of it. We came across the man who does guided tours and he told us much of the cathedral was destroyed in Henry VIII's time when he ordered all the monastery's to be torn down. So all that is left is the church  although it seems to be a big one, we couldn't go in as there was a Harvest Festival service happening. But we had a wander outside.
Lovely walk up the front path

Amazing carved detail on the front

Peeking through

This is all that is left of the right side of the cathedral

Where the grave yard is now, is where the choir sat in the original cathedral

Down at the back fence I spied a ladybird, in fact there were many running around

This is a spike 

On this fence, which rotates to stop body snatchers coming in....well it used to!! After looking around we walked into town and found this bridge, it used to go over the river, which is now the main street

Amazing bridge isn't it, you can enter it from three sides

Carving on the bridge that used to be on the cathedral

The river used to run under here

Bridge label,   then we wandered down the road to get a cuppa

We found the Copper Kettle

Love this saying outside,  the inside was like you stepped back into the 1940's and the staff were lovely.

Heading back towards the car park by the cathedral.
Happy travels.

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Michelle Ridgway said...

Just the word Tea Shop makes me want to go in. Loving tagging along with you xx