Monday, October 13, 2014

Lacock village

This was the second village we visited today, in green fields all around and buildings made in the  Cotswold stone again
Down the main street

We headed off down a side road, lots of houses close together

Inside an old farm store building

Local bakery

And tea rooms...tea and cakes in the style of the old days

We sat in the garden and this was our view next to  our table

How lovely is this?? Gf cake and mint tea!
After refueling our selves,  we went for a wander past the church

Beside the ford over the creek

And over this little bridge

And into the fields....there are lots of walking paths you can follow here across the fields, yiu need to know where you are going, I think it would be easy to get lost, in fact we had an English man asking us for directions!!!!! Oh dear!! 

Then suddenly we came cross this house with the thatched roof....we were told the thatch has to be replaced every 5 to 10 years at a cost of £10,000!! Phew!! Beautiful house but expensive to maintain.

We wandered across a field full of cows, luckily they were interested in eating now the people wandering through and then we came out on the road at the back

Of the Abbey. 
Off to the supermarket now to get something for dinner.
Then I might to some stitching!! Yay!
Bye for now.


Christine M said...

I'm just loving joining you on your trip, Sue!

marina said...

wow you have visited some gorgeous places!
thanks for taking us all along with you.
gorgeous pics!

Fiona said...

I do love those old stone cottages...

Elyte said...

You are seeing some fabulous sights. Thanks for sharing your pictures with those of us stuck at home. Look after yourselves x

Diane-crewe said...

this is going to be a wonderful book of memories x

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh my! The bakery building is gorgeous and I love the bridge too. Thanks for buying me morning tea...I really enjoyed it Lol!