Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy travels

The last couple of days we have been wandering along various roads,  through Ballarat to Hamilton, through a huge thunderstorm, there was much lightening and thunder and very heavy rain, and we finished the first day in Mount Gambier.
We got lunch at Hamilton and then ended up at Nigretta Falls to stop and eat.....not much water on the falls today!
After putting our stuff in the hotel and having a much needed cuppa we had a look at this place...a sinkhole that used to be someone's garden, I have forgotten the name of the place...this was back in the 1800' was restored to its glory in the early 1900's

Amazing place, many levels of garden and shade loving plants with steep limestone walls
I had a chuckle at this sign, to me a Hoo Hoo is a big weta like bug that is attracted to lights in the summer time in NZ, when we used to go to Old Time Dances with Mum and Dad these bugs would fly in the open windows and get stuck in people's hair....they had little hooks on their legs that gripped and it was so hard to get them out....

This is the Blue Lake, but it is rainy and dull so not shown at it's best

And this is the Green Lake...again it is a very dull day.

There are lots of these old limestone houses near the lakes 

And some of them have amazing rose gardens around them sadly I didn't get a photo of one!!
Today we continued our travels and stopped for a look at Robe......what a lovely place! Of course it helps that the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.

Beautiful coast line.

Panorama of the bay we were standing by

Guess who was off the path and wandering around to get the best photo shot!!

The next bay....isn't the water colour beautiful?

I asked DH to take a photo of me  showing how great is this the time he figured I out how to take the photo, it looked very forced!! Oh least it shows I was there!! 

Next we passed the big crayfish. ..never one to miss a photo opportunity we skidded to a stop and off I went!! Lol!

Next stop was Tailem Bend....we hadn't seen the township before so was interesting to have a look, this is the train station. Next stop Adelaide......temp outside the car 30 degC, inside the car feels like 40!! Was very happy to arrive in Adelaide.
Have a great day.


Fiona said...

what a fun post... we lived in Mt Gambier for a couple of years so it was lovely to see ... I went to Robe but not Tailem Bend...

Jacquie Morris said...

Oh wow.. wonderful photo's thank you ever so much posting them.... I am seeing places I would never get to see :)
smiles :)

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous photos!! Grin about the huhu bugs!!

Leeanne said...

beautiful photo's, the HooHoo lookout could work for owls too! Haha..............

Michelle Ridgway said...

We stayed in our van over the road from the blue lake. The coast line is simply stunning. Lovely post xx