Friday, December 19, 2014

Out and about

Yesterday I took Eve over to the Mill Market antique centre on the Geelong Queenscliff Road, so she could search for postcards....I had a little look around and then walked up to the shopping centre to put on Eve's Tatts for her, then back for lunch.....then I wandered down to the quilt shop, Bellarine Sewing centre I think it is called....had a lovely browse there....all during this time the weather was getting windier and greyer
I think the change in the weather is coming

my shopping from the quilt shop.....the fabric on the left is linen with writing on it...not such a good photo....I am hoping to do my last Underground Railroad Sampler block with the green fabric on the looks  so blue in the the little owls and hedgehogs and fox fabric...just needed that because!!!

Yep the weather has changed and the car is rocking about with the wind....but I have magazines to read and nuts to eat and all  is good...I am not going outside for a while!!

and here is the evenings progress on the wasgij....we are slowly getting there...nothing else is being done mind you, the sewing and knitting have all been ignored!!!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Lol sounds like you are both having such a lovely time,love your new purchases,enjoy your day my friend.xx

Leeanne said...

The puzzle id looking good. Looks like you are having the weather we have had!

Raewyn said...

Sounds like you have plenty to do while waiting out that bad weather; I love those wasgij puzzles. Cute fabrics!

Ondrea said...

Oops! I have a few posts to catch up with. For some reason your blog was stuck on a page. Love the fabrics. Gee, that weather certainly turned bad. It was like that here yesterday arvo.