Wednesday, August 19, 2015


...hasn't it been a beautiful day today...some sunshine, lovely sunrise, well I think it was lovely I  missed it!! lol!! Was just a little too late!! But it is still beautiful!

 I had a very enjoyable morning sewing with the local ladies, then wandered home and had lunch in the sun on the back deck...then got down to the serious stuff of sewing!!
I made this laundry bag to go with the Aussie Hero quilt I am making.

I had a play with some felt this afternoon too and made a little pincushion......can't decide if it looks like a flower or octopus!!! Might need some green leaves!! Lol!! 
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Lol, that pincushion creeps me out. Looks like an alien. Adding some leaves will turn it into an identifiable earth bound life form. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,such lovely pics you take .
The laundry bag will be a great addition to add to the quilt,you have done well my friend.
I think you are very clever making up your own pattern with felt,i hope you have a lovely evening my friend,i am just waiting for my GD Madie to arrive for a sleep over.xx

marina said...

very cute pincushion, it looks like those cone flowers.
will it stay in the glass, it looks very pretty.

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Amazing photo of your view, love the flower pincushion, yes a cone flower or a floppy waratah.

Happy days.

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous day here too Sue, but I definitely missed the sunrise. Sounds like a nice day with your stitching group

Helen said...

Very clever with the felt, does look like a cone flowerto me. Love your photos and views.

Chris H said...

I think it looks like an octopus, it needs EYES! lol