Thursday, October 15, 2015


Yesterday we drove over the hill to Trier...David and Hansjorge went to model shops and Edith and I went to do some messages for her and then went to a fabric shop....very nice...and then a department store to look at the fabric department. I did take a photo of my purchases but now I can't  find it and the fabric is packed on the bottom of my bag.....will try again at our next stop.
there are many Baroque style buildings in the market centre here

the market square  fountain

the main shopping area

Christmas window..

this was outside a book shop and I just liked it!!
In the afternoon I went for a walk around Neidermennig and found two caches

The local church 

I noticed these window decorations on my wandering...very pretty...

an old oil mill...nuts were ground here to make nut oil..

an old munitions store...the cache was here...I was told later this area was a maintanance place for tanks in WW2 as they were well hidden..

where I was walking

local fungi in the forest

There was some dog training going on in the forest, there was a lot of bark sounded familiar and sure enough when I got closer there was a chow chow in the was very well behaved...sat when requested and walked when requested!!! I was impressed!
Today we are off to the airport and heading for Munich, then Heathrow. Not long now u ntil we are home.


Michelle Ridgway said...

What amazing buildings. Must be incredible to see all,that history first hand. Oohh like the look of that Christmas shop!

Anonymous said...

awesome,safe travels my friend xx

Ondrea said...

Those pics are amazing. So many lovely buildings with so much style. I bet you will be pleased to land at Heathrow, apart from the long queues lol.