Saturday, January 9, 2016

Surprises day..!! After a slow morning getting myself out and about and walking the supervisor, I headed down the road with hubby to the local Anglican church where they were having a book is the best place for a good summer supply of novels!! I came away with 3 and hubby 5 for the princely sum of $18.00!! Then I had a message from Donna to say she was in the area and did I want to meet up in Queenscliff?? Yes was the answer, so off I Donna and her hubby were looking around and I didn't know where they were I went and did a cache by this amazing tree

Morton Bay fig

wonderful places to hide!!

After I had a cuppa with Donna and Wayne I went for a wander...

the water looked amazing today..

walked past a garden with this lovely hibiscus bush,
then I went to the train station to do some geocaching
they had a Thomas the Tank engine day today, but when I got there Thomas had gone home and this train was out getting ready for the Jazz train tonight.
When I got to the site of the first cache some people came walking along so I pretended to be taking a stealth is required when caching...very soon I heard " I've found it!" So I went over and introduced myself and ended up walking the best part of a kilometer with a lovely family and doing the caches together. They were much better spotters than me, but I was able to help with one cache with my trusty tweezers!! I had a wonderful, unexpected and most enjoyable to go and put away the washing!! (Nothing like coming back to earth with a thud!!!!)
Happy days!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,sounds like you had an amazing day Janeen and I walk some of the Bellerine trail today and it was wonderful,though I got very sunburnt,lol,so glad you got some caches as well.xx

Linda said...

What a fun day! Lovely photos.

Fiona said...

I love those trees

Moose-ings said...

Must check out that tree next time!

KAYLEE said...

Lovely photos Sue, Happy New Year

Ondrea said...

Wow! What a tree!!! Good that you had such an enjoyable day with a surprise.