Sunday, February 7, 2016

Exploring day 4

Today we wound our way over the hills and down into Akaroa...this was a French whaling village back in the 1800's. There are still some lovely old houses/buildings here....was very busy today, there was a cruise ship moored out in the deeper water and tenders going back and forth. Plus this weekend is Waitangi weekend so is a long weekend for Kiwis. Yay holiday Monday! The weather is not so good today, we have had a drizzle and low cloud for most of the day
not looking that good with the tide out!!
we walked along the beach front to the light house 

this lighthouse used to be out on the coast, but has been moved closer to the town now it is no longer used to preserve it.

we walked through a section of NZ  bush and saw some wood pigeons feeding on berries in this tree
After doing some tourist stuff...souvenirs  (and some fabric!!!) and some lunch, hubby went for a sleep in the car and I walked (slowly) up the hill to visit a sculpture and mosaic garden. Akaroa is wedged between the sea and some very big hills!!! So the roads out of the town are all UP!

love this blue from broken wine bottles

view from the top of fhe garden, would be sensational on a fine sunny day

queen for a moment!!

great animals...

made a friend!!  :-)

in awe of the silver lady!!

loved this couple outside the cafe.
Such a wonderful place to can also stay here as it is also a B&B and function centre.
On the way back down the hill I came across a garden with a lavender hedge that was pulsing with bumble bees!! Love bumble bees!
Right I am off to do  some stitching.
Happy days.


Anonymous said...

hiu Sue,wow i am so enjoying your pics my friend,thankyou for sharing ,and glad you got to be a queen even if it was only for a minute,lol xx

Susan said...

Ran out of time for Akaroa when we were in NZ, but hope to get back there one day. The mosaics look amazing.

Willsquiltnsew said...

Amazing! Many hours of dedicated work!

Diane-crewe said...

looks to be a stunning place x

Fiona said...

that art work is such fun... glad you are making new friends on the way even if they aren't too chatty!

Ondrea said...

There seems to be a lot of unique things to see over there. Love those mosaics, and that grand piano is awesome. Love the booby woman lol. And you in the arms of an angel...or at least on her lap. That lighthouse is very different, glad they have preserved it. More great pics .

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous garden! Thanks so much for sharing those delightful scenes.

marina said...

Wow amazing mosaic sculptures.
You look at home with your angelic friend.
That poor last one they didn't have enough tiles for a top for her lol
They are all so beautiful.

theodora said...

Oh Sue Amazing travels you have those ladies
Barb xxx