Friday, February 5, 2016

Exploring day

We had a great day yesterday, we hired bikes from the office here and off we went!! Luckily we found bike lanes to keep out of the traffic, then a track that goes along side the railway line....the city is under going much renovation and restoration work, there is road works and noise everywhere....

Amazing sculture in Cathedral Square
the Cathedral hasn't had any repairs started yet as agreement can't be reached on what they are going to do...seems sad seeing it there in ruins with weeds growing through it.

hubby watched a chess game in the square...then  had to tidy the pieces up...road work cone was replacing a missing piece.

there is a lot of wonderful street art thru the city centre, hope to get some more photos.

part of the city being re built.

beautiful old building being supported until it is fixed

this water  wheel ran a flour mill back in the 1800's and made all the flour the city needed, the factory building was on the tiny island behind the wheel. When it closed down the women  of the city decided to plant the island so  it wasn't such an eye sore.

the colourful end of the transitional cathedral made with cardboard rolls..had an earthquake foundation and shoild with stand any other earthquake. Was designed and made by a Japanese man.

Looking to the front of the cathedral, it seems small but holds 750 people.

there was a display going jnto the cathedral for the weekend, all around the walls were these amazing flower costumes made from fabric.

this could be the dahlia family!! Love the colours.

Isn't this so pretty!!
This one is for you  Michelle.....after biking in the heat for a few hours we stopped at a cafe by the golf club and I was given tea in this
How pretty is that!!
Hubby has just returned from his walk, need to get organised for another day of exploring.
I did do a little stitching last night before my eyes were too tired!
blogger has decided you need to turn sideways to look at this!!!!

Happy days!!


marina said...

Always lovely going travelling with you sue, didn't know you were going to nz.
The flower dresses are amazing and great pics of Christchurch

Fiona said...

lovely to travel with you and see things... great to see the towm coming to gether

Jacquie Morris said...

Wonderful!! Hee hee
Love all your photos and seeing where you travel to.... You do look at the most interesting things, really you do! Things I would actually look at!!
Pleased you managed to have a nice relaxing cup of tea too :)
And gosh you don't stop!! You also managed to fit in some stitching!! Go you!!
Happy travels :)
Smiles :)

Pamela said...

What a wonderful day! I'm fascinated by the flower costumes.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Love all of your photos its like i'm on a tour guide