Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Link up and update

It is the time of the week of link up with Anthea to celebrate all things EPP.....we had to go into the city today for hubby to have an MRI before his operation next month...we were told to be there at 12.30, which we were, hubby filled in the paperwork and we sat and waited and waited, his appointment was for 1.00pm....he was finally called at 1.45 and returned at 2.45....but in the meantime I was beavering away with my EPP...I did make one mistake and didn't have an unpicker with me so had to wait until we got home, but this block is nearly completed
here is where I went wrong

and here is the block not long before we left the hospital...just that little woops to fix up!! Another block for the New Hexagon Quilt.
I also had a stitchery with me, just in case, and managed to get a little of that done too
Santa is a back up project for when I find I have some time to fill.
Last night I finished two beanies to go to KOGO, very kindly modeled by hubby
he always shows them at their best!!!! LOL!!!
I went for a walk this morning, I went to the end of the pier and back, about 4km hubby says, it was wonderful out this morning before the sun came out!
Good morning for a walk

out on the pier

birds at the end of the pier..watching me watching them!!
Right I had better go and get some dinner organised!!
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Hmm, tell David not to quit his day job. Modelling is just not his forte lol. Love your EPP . Clearly you had other more important things on your mind at the time. Hope the MRI is good.

shez said...

Hi Sue,it sure has been hot today,I hope everything goes well for David,how kind of him to model the beanie for you,lol,I love your hexie work,,it was only a small oopsy enjoy your evening my friend xx

Helen said...

Love your epp. Hope all went well with the MRI xx

Anthea said...

Oh that pesky boo-boo... I confess I keep an unpicker in my makeup purse, comes in handy for lots of things!

Farm Gate Creations said...

What a good hubby you have there.