Friday, October 28, 2016


has been another happy day for me, beautiful weather and a surprise quilt gifting disguised as a sewing day!! This morning (running late...I hate that!!) I went to Karens house for a sewing day , I was meeting Shez there and also getting to meet in person for the first time....Michelle. Woo hoo!!!
Many months ago Michelle and Fiona found out it was a special birthday for Shez this year. So they got their heads together and decided a quilt should be made. Secret womens business followed, which resulted in a beautiful quilt, put together and quilted by Fiona and the label and binding done by Michelle.  Michelle also go the job of delivery person while on her holidays down south!! So a sewing day was arranged for today and the presentation was made! It was priceless!! Michelle asked Shez to help her with some show and tell....
oh that is a bit blurry..Shez is a speedy mover!! Lol!!

out of the bag it comes

out of the pillowcase

Ooooo...spotty this for me???? What is this? 

Shez was speechless....and in tears...

she couldn't believe what she was seeing!! People from all over the world had made the Polaroid blocks and sent them to Fiona, I think Shez was in shock!! She sure was surprised and it was kept a really good secret, she had no idea!! I think Shez will need some time to take it all in!!
We had a look at some of Karens beautiful quilts
This amazing Dear Jane quilt is in fact one made by Karen's mother, hand pieced and quilted...isn't it a beauty??

beautiful blocks.

some beautiful creations of Karen's

Michelle "fainting" with surprise at Karens French General stash!! Lol!!
Love Karen's clam shell quilt, this had made me inspired to continue with mine!!

and this beauty...
Karen made us a  beautiful lunch, then, 

much discussion happened during the afternoon

we had a lot of fun setting the camera and waiting for it to take the photo, this was the best of our attempts! I had a wonderful day ladies, thank yo all very much!!

Michelle gave me a lovely birthday present, sewing tin, Christmas ribbon and fabrics and one of her beautiful koala drawings made into a card. Thank you very much Michelle.
The Aussie Hero quilt had gone in the mail
all finished!! Yay!!
Phew!! Ready for a rest now!!
Happy sewing.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Awesome, awesome day! So very special! Lovely quilts too that Dear Jane one!

Susan said...

What a great day. Love all those quilts.

I am said...

Thankyou so much my gorgeous friend for such a wonderful day I am still on a high,love spending time with you girls,so good to catch up with Michelle,wonder if we can Talk her into moving down our way,lol xx

Jo said...

Lovely quilts

Ondrea said...

Awesome! I am so pleased that Shez got such a surprise. Great pics too. Lucky you meeting Michelle. Your Aussie Hero quilt looks wonderful. WEll done.

Helen said...

Wonderful and exciting day !

Marlene said...

What a great day and wonderful that the surprise was kept under wraps. Great photos.

Moose-ings said...

Beautiful quilts, lovely friends and fun surprises, indeed a happy day! Wouldn't you love to see the face of the Aussie Hero when he gets his quilt?! Turned out great.

Leeanne said...

Fantabulous quilt giving! Nice secrets to have aren't they!? I can see why you want to make a clam shell quilt, very nice.

Leeanne said...

P.S, perhaps your MR should have taken the photo' wait, perhaps NOT!!! Hehehe :-)

Raewyn said...

What a fun day and Shez's reaction was priceless :-) How cool you got to meet Michelle and you had a wonderful show and tell as well. A day to remember :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a truly wonderful day! LOved getting a hug in real time Sue xx

Fiona said...

what fun..... I see Shez is conspiring for the two of you to persuade Michelle to move..... you wanna be off my friend list???????? hmmmmmm

Melody said...

Glad you had fun

Elyte said...

What a wonderful day you all shared together.
Would have loved to see Shez's face at the presentation of the quilt.
And lovely to meet Michelle too.
Enjoyed Karen's beautiful work.