Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend catch up (photo heavy once again!!)

How the weather can change!! Yesterday we went over on the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento and then drove to Portsea...we were staying the night there and attending a wedding at the golf club. We had a great time, the wedding was wonderful
just squeezed in a photo between the people in front

loved these lanterns around outside and the fairy lights
Today (Sunday) we were up and out early and headed off to Point Nepeanfor a look. The day started of cloudy but soon fined up, it was windy but warm. Our first stop was London Bridge

wonderful to see,
or next stop was the Old Quarantine Station

the view from upstairs. There wasn't anything for the quarantined people to do here, the days must have gone by so slowly!
We drove another 1.4km up the road and parked. I had hoped to do some geocaching here but the ranger said snakes were on the move and to look out for them...hubby said NO to geocaching. We did go look for one but I had to go into the undergrowth, so was a no go area!!
From the car park we did a round walk of about 6km to the end of the land and back!
an old jetty for unloading cattle

love a coast view

there is no way I am climbing over this fence!!!
Hee hee!! Got hubby contained here!!

Cheviot Beach where the PM vanished from

we walked by this little guy feasting on ants, he must have dug into their nest, they were running around everywhere

interesting animals!!

nearing the end

more of those!! I am not tempted in the least to go for a walk along that beach!! Point Lonsdale is in the distance.

this pretty butterfly was resting on a wall, windy days must be so hard for them.

the gun emplacement at Point Nepean

large guns on display!!

Beautiful coast line

waiting for the ferry, it was a bit rough in patches coming back and the temp dropped 5 deg...back home it was trying to rain.

yesterday I finished Mrs Possum, one of Michelle Ridgway"s patterns

and am continuing with the the Aussie animals with a Christmas theme.
I am off to soak sore feet and overworked muscles in the bath with a good old G & T!!
Happy stitching.


Moose-ings said...

Awesome photos. I don't know why they blow up the bombs on that beach. Somebody will get hurt one day. So nice to have warmth and sunshine again.

I am said...

Hi my lovely friend ,so glad you both had a lovely time at the wedding,love all your pics,thankyou for sharing.
I love your cute decorations,Michelle is such a lovely designer.xx

Jo said...

Looks like a good day exploring and sight seeing...

Ondrea said...

LOL I am stitching that possum at the moment. You should have told me you were over here so we could catch up. You probably ran out of time anyway. Hope you got home before the weather turned.

Julie said...

Great post Sue ... love all your photos. The wedding looked especially lovely. Your stitched decorations are lookin verrry cute.

Fiona said...

gosh you do live a crazy busy life..... I have taken out my ornies to sew also...

Raewyn said...

What an interesting weekend you had!So much history to be found and beautiful sights to see. Lovely wee project you are stitching up :-)

Melody said...

Love Point Nepean, we go there often as it is near our holiday house.

Elyte said...

Hopefully you are well rested now after your week end travels.
Now for the next one .....

Summer said...

Nice photos! have a great week♥

Pamela said...

Great pictures and a lovely trip!

Melody said...

Love it down at Port Nepean, we go often as it is near our holiday house.

Chookyblue...... said...

great spot to visit.......beautiful...........