Tuesday, November 1, 2016


saw me at Port Arlington at the Bellarine Quilters gathering, I had a great morning and there was some show and tell
Chris made this quilt for a friend

Jacquith made this baby quilt, her third for this year!

Barbara has just received this beautiful quilt back from the quilter

love the quilting here, makes me think of flowing water

Lorraine with her monkeys she is making, it will be an inside bowling game when finished.
Today I have been over at Seachange, just for the morning , as I had to come home and work on these

laundry bags for Aussie Heros, we are going to a dinner in Canberra this weekend for Aussie Heros and as the dinner is held at a navy base we were asked to make a laundry bag with a nautical theme, then I found out as David is going too, I needed to make two! Had to search about for nautical themed fabric and this was the best I could do!! Just need to get some cord tomorrow and all will be done!
Today I had two lovely surprises in the mail

a hand made card and fabric from Illene..thank you Illene they are wonderful, and it was very nice of you to think of me...this sure is a month long birthday!!
And Jenny in New Zealand has been beavering away with the knitting needles and she sent me

a very NZ card and some wonderful white chocolate!!Yum!!

and this beautiful knitted knee rug......it kept her warm knitting it thru the winter!!
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hi my lovely friend ,the girls have done some beautiful work.
What lovely presents ,so glad your birthday is still going,lol.
Have fun in Canberra,give Dzintra a big hug from me xx

Elyte said...

Love seeing all the beautiful work that others do.
Glad to see that your birthday is going on and on and on.
Safe travels to Canberra.

Ondrea said...

OO Looove the knee rug!!! So many lovely quilts at your group. How wonderful being invited to Canberra.

Jo said...

What a gorgeous blanket.. have fun in Canberra. It's warming up to a hot weekend

Fiona said...

such a range of different projects... lovely to see them

Willsquiltnsew said...

Have a safe and wonderful time in Canberra .

Melody said...

Great presents. Your quilting friends are very clever.

retdairyqueen said...

Found it
Dunno How I missed it xx