Monday, November 21, 2016


was Guild day, and show and tell was "something made from a book or magazine" which brought lots of quilts in. Both sides of the hall were full. There was much inspirational to be seen. I didn't get photos of them all but just a few near me
Carol Bosna made this for her mother, her mother returned it three days later saying she didn't like it!!!! Oh dear!! Such a beautiful quilt

Love this fish quilt

One for you Fiona, but done on the machine not hand sewn!!! This is what we can look forward to with yours!!
The speaker for the day was Michelle Yeo.....Michelle had brought along many bags of quilts, I only took a few photos, but they were all spectacular!! I do not know how she manages to produce so many!!
most of these are hand pieced, sometimes also incorporating foundation piecing and applique

the pile of quilts half way through

Amazing huh!!! She is one clever lady.
No committee meeting this afternoon so I get to have an early finish!!
Happy sewing.


I am said...

Hi my lovely friend,love those quilts,omg the one that her mother didnt like and returned is gorgeous,glad you had a great time on Saturday and how lucky to have Michelle Yeo as your speaker.xx

Raewyn said...

OMG - what an inspiring meeting!! Oh my goodness with the returned quilt too!!!!!! That's a big pile of quilts of Michelle Yeo's, she's been so productive and it would have been an interesting talk.

Fiona said...

what a lot of eye candy. I can't believe that mum saying that... just fake it I reckon???? haha.... love the dutch treat - I would love to know how she did those blocks by machine - embroidery? It's spectacular. Now I really want to keep going with mine - if only Christmas didn't get in the way!!


Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh my what beautiful quilts.....still in shock about the rejected quilt :O

Cattinka said...

Now I am insprired, but I don´t understand how anybody could not like that beautiful quilt.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there to see those. What is wrong with that mother? First, a mother should be grateful to get ANYTHING from a child. LOL And second, something that beautiful should be cherished! I just can't believe she would return that quilt. I surely wouldn't!

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG OMG OMG.............