Friday, February 24, 2017

Blogging friend

Today we drove (with only a few wrong turns) to Kihi Kihi, just out of Te
Awamutu and to Threadbare Cottage and to Julie. We have met through blogging and we thought it would be wonderful to meet in person this time I was in New Zealand.
Julie made us a beautiful lunch, we had a bit of a chat and then had a look at her wonderful cottage....I  wish I  could put smell into a blog post as the smell going into the cottage was just heavenly!!!
We received a special welcome to the good is that!!

Here is a look inside at some of the beautiful things on sale

The other end of the shop, there were so many things I would have liked to take home with me, Julie makes so many lovely things.
We were given a gift each in a personalised bag
I have untied the bow so it isn't as pretty as when I was given it!! Inside was
This, which opened up to
These, which the tablet has put sideways once again!!!
The mug mat smells of cloves and is just heavenly and the soap has lavender and calendula in it and also smells divine!!! It will be beside my bed tonight. 
I did buy a couple of things that I couldn't resist, but they are wrapped jn bubble wrap to get home, so should stay that way for now. 
We had a wander around the garden, the cats Blackie and Pippi kept well away from us strangers, then the time  came to take our leave.  We had a wonderful visit, thank you Julie for making us so welcome and for looking after us so well.
From Julies we drove for just over an hour to Rotorua and I am pleased to say we didn't get lost...thank you Julie for the directions,  they were spot on!! We went to the tourist info centre to get a map to find the motel and found we were not far down the road. We settled in...we are in an upstairs unit so that meant carrying everything yp the stairs......had a cuppa and then it was time to go out again to Te Puia and a Maori cultural evening.
We saw the opening of the hangi, then were officially welcomed onto the marae and into the meeting house.  Then there was a musical performance, with tourists going up on stage to join in, then we had dinner, a feast  of food, including pavlova.....I was sitting next to an Aussie from Brisbane,  so a lively debate went on all evening as to where the pavlova was first made...I won, although I think he thought he won!! Lol!!
To dinish the evening off we went to see the geyser but sadly it had performed before we got there. 
Enough from me for one day, time for bed!
More culture to see tomorrow.
Happy days.


creations.1 said...

I am enjoying your posts on your trip to NZ - you are having a wonderful time!

I am said...

Hi SUe oh wow how exciting you got to met Julie,oh the cottage looks so cute and your gifts are lovely.
Hope you and Eve aren't getting into to much mischief,lol,safe travelling my friend .

Raewyn said...

How nice you got to meet the lovely Julie, Sue - sounds like you enjoyed your visit :-)

Moose-ings said...

Glad you're having a fun trip, Julie's cottage looks very inviting.

Julie said...

Oh I had such a lovely day meeting you girls Sue. Thank you SO much for making the effort to come visit me here "down under". Thank you too for the lovely gifts you bought me. I am glad my directions worked okay & you found your way to Rotorua. Enjoy today x x x

Christine M said...

How lovely getting to meet Julie in person. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time there, Sue.

Leeanne said...

Julie is worth the visit her friendship and hospitality are fabulous and then there's her cottage and gardens!! Remember you don't really get lost you are merely taking in extra sight seeing! Enjoy catch you next time.

Elyte said...

I am sure that I could browse that shop for hours. Such a cute little cottage.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Ok! Now I am officially jealous and green with envy! Loved seeing inside Julies beautiful cottage. I just love Julies blog. What a big treat. So funny about the Pav debate hahaha!

Ondrea said...

How wonderful to meet up with another bloggy friend. Her dottage is girgeous with lots of beautiful things. I can see how tempting it would be to buy a lot. So lovely of Julie to give you a personalised welcome and lovely gifts.

Helen said...

Oh so lovely you could catch up with a blogging friend :)

Diane-crewe said...

WHAT!!!? you took a wrong turn? ... never xx lol x