Thursday, March 30, 2017

Quilting we go

This morning the Supervisor and I went for a walk along the beach

nice morning here but I think it might be raining over at Ondrea's place on the other side of the bay.

The Supervisor was keen to check who had walked before him, which made for a slow walk!!

a little Willy Wag Tail followed us for a way...these birds are so hard to get a photo of as they move really quickly. 

There are some amazing clouds over the bay today, we got a few drops of rain during our walk but not much.

We came back through the new bush track near the Bluff.
I got stuck into quilting this afternoon and was feeling good, all was smooth,

and then this happened!!! Great, some unsewing had to happen!!

By dinner time I was this far, I need to do some more quilting on the top of the quilt I think, then it will be done.
Had better go and check hubby's dinner.

Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

Nice view and photos!

I am said...

Lovely pics Sue,nearly another finish.

Jo said...

Oh no.. I hate when that happens.. Great job though.

Raewyn said...

What a lovely place you have for your walks, Sue - the views and surroundings would always be changing and interesting. Shame about that bobbin mess - at least you discovered it before you got too much further along!