Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Today I took the Supervisor for a morning walk , then came home and got ready for sit and sew here at St Leonards...then decided to walk down to the shopping centre, which is about 2km.
It was a beautiful morning for a walk

the pelicans arrived as I was walking past

in large numbers!! One of the fishermen said they tried not to feed them as they became lazy and didn't fish for themselves...he also said he had seen a pelican take a Chihuahua dog one day and also a bit pelican snatched a fish from a child and cut the child's arm with the point on the end of its beak ...not so sure I like them as much now!!!
Down at the Community space Lynda was showing her beautiful quilt for her grand daughter in Ireland, it has lots of family photos on it.

Mary was busy working on a quilt for a friends 60th birthday which is coming up soon.

Still was a beautiful day on the way home, there was even a couple of ladies venturing in for a swim!!

I spied a dinosaur near the camping ground!!! 

checked out the view from near us before heading home.

This afternoon I made a few more bookmarks for the Guild

and put together the backing for the Dignity quilt. Loos like we might get a change of weather soon, the sky is gray and it is very windy. There is corned beef ready in the crock pot so I had better go and do some veges!!
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

I do like the pelicans though

Leeanne said...

I saw some of these pelican's last year when I was over, they had me glued to looking at them!

Pamela said...

I didn't know the pelicans were so scary! Nice pictures, as always.

Julie said...

Thats awful about the pelicans Sue ... can imagine those pointy beaks are sharp. What a lovely walk & wonderful scenery you have. Your book marks are looking great. I love having crock pot corned beef - its so yummy.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue,lots of lovely pics especially your pelican ones,you are doing well with the bookmarks and my GS's would love the dinosaur,hope your day is a good one.

Ondrea said...

I think the dinosaur is safer than the pelicans! A nice lot of quilts there. Love your bookmarks.

Raewyn said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day Sue, interesting about the Pelicans, I have heard that sort of thing about other critters as well (about the feeding). The photo quilt is a lovely setting with the hexies in between. Cool backing!!