Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The last few days have flown by, where do the days go I wonder??
Yesterday was sewing at Portarlington, as it was Easter Monday the group was smaller but we had a good time chatting and sewing. Mary had finished a quilt the week before, it had been quilted and she had sewn the binding on, so Mary, Jill and I had a binding bee and managed to get most of the binding done, sadly I didn't get a photo. Mary usually super sews her binding down something like 20 stitches to the inch...we are trying to slowly retrain her!!
In the afternoon I went to visit a woman who had emailed the Geelong Guild regarding getting rid of her fabric stash,some quilts and quilt tops and wadding. I had collected the quilts and quilt tops last week and they will go to Geelong Mums or Bethany and the unfinished tops with go to a lady at the guild who will make them up (her and her army of helpers) and they will go to the Children's Hospital. This lady said she wanted $200 for her fabric stash and after some conversation with hubby I decided to buy it!! Well there was much more than I realised.
this is what I came home with, three tubs full, one box, 3 boot boxes,two wire baskets,four lots of fabric on the bolt......

and two bags of patterns! If anyone wants Golly patterns please let me know. I can send you a photo of what is here. So I had to rearrange the sewing room, I started off very enthusiastically, then the novelty wore off 

then I just plain was tried and didn't want to...but I did get the floor cleared (boy what a mess!!)
the rest of the room is a bomb site, but the shelves look wonderful!! Doubt they will stay like that for long! I still have a lot of sorting to do on the desk and the other bookshelf.
Today was sewing day at Seachange and we were asked to wear old clothes to help clean put the shed. I arrived to find everyone in their usual finery, I didn't look at FB yesterday so missed the message that the clean up was done already...I was happy to see one other lady turn up in her gardening clothes!! Lol!! 

After sewing I went for a walk along the beach towards Ocean Grove, it was beautiful today, sunny, not too  hot, gentle breeze and the place was all but deserted!! Was wonderful just to wander along.

this jelly made lovely colours in the sun but it didn't show in the photo, looks like a fairy seat doesn't it!!

playing in the sun!!
I did do some stitching today
the headless soldiers are well on the way, then I felt like a change

so did the skirts of the Ladies dancing!!
Well the G & T fairy has been so I had better finish up and go and do a bit more tidying before dinner.
Happy sewing.
me and tidying the sewing room...had better go and achieve!! lol!!


Chookyblue...... said...

Enjoy sorting thru the loot to see what you really have......

Pamela said...

Wow! Great addition to your stash.

Helen said...

Oh boy very busy day fo you the shelves look great, how many treasures have you found...hehe...good luck with the rest :)

Fiona said...

what a fantastic stash building purchase. Quite fun to get some fabrics you might not normally get in there.... so you dont want to make hundreds of gollies with it all?????
wonderful fun - not the clearing up but the filling of shelves...

I am said...

Hi Sue good luck with going through it all,you are a brave woman,lol.
Your stitchery is coming along nicely this has been on my to do list as well.

Julie said...

Wow Sue !!! that is quite some stash. Or addition to your stash I should add. Love all your photos, hope you get that sewing room sorted.

Jo said...

What a job to clean our work rooms. If you get rid of anything you will need it a week later. But that was a great purchase. Well worth it....