Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I was going to ride my bike down to the PO but the tyre appears to have a puncture, so I walked instead, it was a beautiful day, cool but calm and sunny,

As blogger and the lap top were not cooperating yesterday it is now Sunday, but above was from my Friday walk, 
the pelicans were having their morning wash.

The Aussie hero quilt is finished, the theme for this one was medical and Kiwi. 

Yesterday I went up to Gisborne for a bloggers meet up, autumn has come to Gisborne, always love this street with the big oak trees,
our swap theme for this meet up was a mini quilt with a sewing theme
Wendy is in behind here with her swap from Ann

Lyn with her swap from Margaret

Shez with her swap from Kim

Ann with her swap from Shez,
Kim with her swap from Robyn

Marg with her swap from Wendy, look at all those tiny pieces!!

This must have been the working side of the table, although lots of laughing and chatter was happening!!

a thoughtful moment happening here Marina???

Elyte has a beautiful project underway here

this is the swap Robyn received from Colleen

I had great fabric in it!! I have yet to take a photo of the swap I received from Lyn and I forgot to take a photo of what I made...will find one on another blog somewhere. We had a wonderful day, it was as always, good to catch up with everyone.

I had a quick stop in Geelong on the way home to stretch the legs, the sun was beautiful on the water this afternoon.

Happy mothers day to all the mothers in blog land.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue it was so good catching up with you and all the girls yesterday,what a fun day we had,you have taken lots of lovely pics.xx

Fiona said...

lovely day out Sue.... I do enjoy seeing what you all get up to...

Jo said...

It was a lovely day in Geelong. My brother and I went shopping on our way back to Werribee.

Julie said...

Gosh Sue what lovely swap quilts the girls gave & received. Your pictures look wonderful ... beautiful weather you seem to be having. Love the nurse fabric blocks in your Hero Quilt. Have a great week Sue xx

Ondrea said...

I love your scenic pics. Gisborne looks beautiful with all the autumn leaves. Another lovely Aussie Hero quilt. Was Barb not at the sewing day? Love all the minis.

marina said...

Well done on your finish Sue, so lovely to see everyone
as always the swap goodies were very inspiring and beautiful
Think I was mentally planning how those fabric purchases were going to be utilised! Lol

Pamela said...

What a fun get together and great swap quilts!

Raewyn said...

You've had a lovely few days, Sue - and I hope Mothers Day was a nice day too. Very cool to see all the swap minis...I"m looking forard to seeing what you made and received :-) Good on you with another Aussie Hero quilt done - this one really does hit both requests!

Cheryl said...

Hasn't the weather been lovely Sue. Those pelicans are enjoying basking in the sun. Lovely that you had a great bloggers catchup. So many gorgeous mini quilts

Elyte said...

Really enjoyed the day and catching up with you. Always enjoy the unwrapping of the swaps and seeing what lovely projects emerge.
Congratulations on another Aussie quilt.
Love the new header photo, the supervisor is so photogenic.

Chookyblue...... said...

fun times with the girls.........great photos too......