Thursday, August 10, 2017


one excursion today, to visit the floating village of Kampong Chhnang
the people live on the river, use water from the river to wash, cook and drink and catch fish from the river, they have bamboo floats under the houses and also big plastic drums. The bamboo needs to be replaced every 5 years.

We got off the boat at the river side and had a wander up the street to the market

lotus seeds being dried

anything you need to waterproof your boat here

this man was selling Cambodian jelly, very popular. It is made from a river plant, is black and needs condensed milk and sugar added to it to give it some taste.

this lady sold medicinal herbs 

this was deep fried something!!

Tinny our guide showed us dried fish, this  one was rare and costs US$50 a kg. It was light so you would get a lot for your money and it would keep well.
Back on the boat

Tinny showed us various ways of using the Cambodian scarf, this was for protecting your head while carrying a bowl or tray.

the Chef welcomed us for lunch each day with the lunch dished we could choose from.
In the afternoon Ms Wong gave us a demo of towel folding...

a turtle





then we got to have a try.
Later in the evening we had a farewell presentation from the crew, which was great fun.
More soon.


Pamela said...

I can't imagine living on the river like that. I guess it is what they know so they don't think it to be odd. I've seen towels folded into animals, but I don't know how it's done.

Jo said...

I love those towels. Not sure I could use that water.

Fiona said...

Interesting way of life.... so we can expect perfectly folded towels at your place?

newsurfiegirl said...

wow those towels are amazing!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so amazing! I would have loved having a discussion with the herb lady, especailly!