Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Phnom Penh afternoon

This afternoons outing was a little happier, we were taken to the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. And of course I took hundreds of photos...but I will try not to share them all here!!
Main palace bulding

buildings to the side

someone or something scared the pigeons!!

Silver pagoda, no photos allowed inside

amazing tree, could be a poodle tree!!! Lol!!

Palace stupa

lovely quiet little water place

tourist..to visit the pagoda we had to have covered arms and be covered to the knees, was a little uncomfortable on such a hot day!

Monks were tourists too.

Statues on the way out

local band

loved these statues and that the Buddha has a glass of water

spotted these beautiful colours and fabrics thru the door way

outside heading for the bus

A monk going about his business.
More later I think.

OOps I forgot to schedule this so it is here too soon and out of order!!


Julie said...

Have loved looking at all your photos so much Sue ... not too sure about those snakes in the wine though !!! Prefer my wine without reptiles in it. You sure have had a great trip & packed alot in. You will enjoy being home again & spending some time doing your beautiful creative work Xxx

Pamela said...

Such interesting architecture!

Ondrea said...

Beautiful pic. Looks like I've missed a post or 2. Shall catch up.

Jo said...

Those Temples are amazing buildings

Fiona said...

wonderful to experience such a different culture.

Cheryl said...

What an amazing place Sue - and all those gorgeous temples. Have loved all your lovely photos

newsurfiegirl said...

Such an amazing place! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

desertskyquilts said...

Wonderful to see the name associated with something besides the Khmer Rouge! What a beautiful place.