Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tan Chau

Today we are visiting a silk weaving workshop and a mat weaving workshop
we rode in on rickshaws, the photo is a bit blurry as my camera was fogged from going from the air con on the boat to the heat of the outside

silk weaving machines, old ones from the UK, the pattern mats have been moved to the top of the machine so when the floods come, the pattern mats do not get wet.

re threading the bobbin

the pattern mats

part of the main factory, there are 68 machines here, only two were working when we visited and the noise was ear plugs being worn here!!

part of the shop filled with beautiful colour and goodies!!

off on the rickshaws to our next place to visit

fruit shop on the  way

and vendor

this lady said I could take a photo and then held out her hand for cash...sadly I didn't have any on me to give her.

mat weaving with reeds

a young lady sewing the binding on.
the track walking back to the boat

our next stop was to an island village, not a conventional landing place!!

river side living

we were invited into the house of an elderly gentleman and were told about his life, these are his beautiful grandchildren. He was one of three brothers,  the eldest was killed in the French wars in Vietnam, the middle brother was killed in the Vietnam war, so this man went off and joined the Viet Cong against his parents wishes. He survived and these days has tourists into his home looking for Vietnam vets as he wants to say that all is forgiven and he doesn't want the Vets to think of Vietnam as a bad place, he wants the Vets to come and see the place in peace time and he wants to extend the hands of friendship. He gave off a very strong feeling of peace and calmness.
In the afternoon the chefs gave a cooking demo

we were going to make fresh spring rolls, here are some of the ingredients

and here is my effort, the sauce was a bit spicy for me but otherwise it was yummy!

Ron, expat Kiwi, was the first to get up and make his roll.
Then the chef demonstrated fruit carving

a bunny

two tomatoes make a rose

and a water melon flower!
Now to get ready for dinner!


Moose-ings said...

Great photos! The silk factory looks interesting; amazing how those old machines just keep going. I would have been sorely tempted in that shop. The veggie roll looks good. Fid you try fruit carving?

Julie said...

The silk factory looks really interesting to visit, such gorgeous rich colours. Love your fruit and vege flowers too.

Pamela said...

What a great trip! You saw and and experienced so many amazing things.

Fiona said...

what fun - did youi buy any silk...


newsurfiegirl said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful places. You saw so many things, if you didn't have all the pictures, I know you'd forget some! The chef was an artist. So they don't fry the spring rolls? Here, they are usually fried after rolling. As you passed these places on the river, or in the villages, did you try to imagine what it would be like to live there? I think I'd miss my sewing room, but in some ways, it would be freeing.