Sunday, August 6, 2017

This afternoon we have gone ashore again to visit Sa Dec, we are visiting a temple
life on the river as we pass

houses on stilts so they do not get flooded out in the rainy season

the church we are visiting

young musicians learning..and entertaining the tourists!!

Love the colours inside this church

the all seeing eye

from the back to the alter

this is a caodai church.....combines all religions, so we added Geoffrey from Geelong ..what are the chances of a Geelong couple being on the tour with us!! He is also super interested in WW2 so bonded with hubby well!!

After the church we crossed the river and went to the market, some photos I have already shared, this lovely family were heading home after shopping.

chicken and fish I think!!

traditional wear

veges and fruit...aloe vera at the top

any kind of dried fish or sea creature you could think of!!

this is a busy place!!

Further up the road we went into the garden of a rich Chinese family and saw their collection of bonsai

and orchids

I so wanted to bring some of these home!!

love the urns too

this was out on the main road, love the little figures on the rocky base.
Off back to the boat now.



Jo said...

Love the bonsai..

Fiona said...

lovely - did you eat much traditional food?

Pamela said...

It is so colorful and such a mixture of what looks old and new.

newsurfiegirl said...

I love Bonsai and those ones are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the number of people who invite you into their homes or gardens. Are they like the lady whose picture you took, and there is payment to make? That church/temple was a very bright-colored experience!