Wednesday, August 30, 2017


week is flying past! I was just trying to remember what I did on Monday and I think I was cutting out little people, Tuesday was sit and sew at Seachange, and a very pleasant morning it was. In the afternoon I went to visit a quilting friend who is in rehabilitation after a fall. Her poor face still had the marks of the serious bruising she had, she is hoping to get back home, but I am not sure she will be allowed. She has very rapid Parkinsons so her future is not the best. We did have a good chat though, about life and about taking advantage of opportunities when they arise and enjoying each and every day! I stopped at Rippleside Park on the way home to look for a geocache and to get some fresh air.
The little people are finished now, well they are sewn on to the centre section
they need faces but that will happen in the fullness of time!! lol!!
I have been spending the evenings hand sewing the binding down on these two quilts from the Guild

they are put together in Bacchus marsh and then brought along for the final hand sewing. Love the Duck Duck Goose.

This is a lovely under the sea quilt.
Don't forget that this Friday is Friday Night with Friends
Time to sign up with our hostess Cheryll for a night of virtual sewing with friends.
Happy sewing.


Leeanne said...

It's like a circle of friendship, which is perfect for the good friend you are being to lady that had the fall and her other issues. It also makes me think of a photo I took of some tramping friends standing with hands outreached around a very old Kauri stump.

Ondrea said...

Love the little people . What is that going to be? Some beautiful quilts to bind. I hope your friend is recovering well. She must feel so frustrated. Looks like I have missed a post so I shall pop back.

Pamela said...

The little people are so cute!

Willsquiltnsew said...

Please send your friend best wishes from DH and myself next time you see her.

Raewyn said...

Thoose wee people are so cute - I am wondering what the grand plan for them is.. The other quilts look great too, it sounds like great teamwork on them all - you sure do get through a few :-) Lovely you were able to spend time with your friend, it sounds like your support would have been much appreciated.

Helen said...

So nice that you could visit your friend. Cute little people , look forward to watching their journey.

Fiona said...

always lovely work - I do like those little people of yours .... they dress so well!

Lin said...

Your little people are looking great. Two beautiful quilts. xx

Christine M said...

Your little people are very cute, Sue.