Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day

We have had a few very happy days, BBQ dinners with the boys, present swapping, roast dinner, drinking and talking and laughing, it has been great to catch up with Adam and Shane. Yesterday the males of the family had a wargame and I sat outside in the sun and cut more circles
A few have their gathering stitch now
The latest Aussie hero quilt is finished and ready to go in the post in the morning
My helper showing his best side!!

the request was for deer hunting, German wire haired pointers (dogs) and the Roman numeral 3. I hope he likes it!!

Quilt and box of goodies packed and ready to be sealed.
Always good to grab a family photo when we are all together!

I have started a new Wasgij.....yep jigsaw backwards, the picture on the box is not the puzzle you are doing

the picture is from the perspective  of the fish on the back wall! Keep the gray matter active!

I was sent this wonderful present from Ondrea, a beautiful stitched pincushion, pins and wash cloth...in my favourite colours too!! Thank you very much Ondera, you are a lovely person!

The Guild in Geelong was approached to make some quilts to be used for reading circles with Mums and children or carers and children. They are being used in a new group to encourage reading together. So the guild has taken this challenge up, I cut up a panel and now am putting plain fabric around them in different widths.

here are a few joined together...just playing with ideas, I will have to see how it grows.
There is a fun swap over at Anthea's blog..I will do a little cut and pasting
it is all about Australia Day

FIVE items are chosen & sent to your partner. They each must start with one letter from the word AUSTRALIA & at least one item must bear the Australian flag.
 Here's some ideas - have fun being as creative as you like:
*A - Australian flag item such as serviettes, paper bunting, little cocktail glass flags/umbrellas
*U - utensil, utterly gorgeous lace
*S - seeds for flowers/herbs, stripey fabric, small sunscreen, sewing thread
*T - craft trims, tea towel (patriotic?), tape measure, tealight candle
*R - rubber bands, ribbon, red buttons, recipe
*A - aqua fabric, apple-print fabric, Australian Tea
*L - lovely hand cream, lollies, liquorice
*I - infuser for tea leaves, ice cube tray, re-usable ice cubes, gel ice pack
*A - Australian fabric, apron, aloe gel
(for example, you might send items starting with A, I, L, R & T)
Label each item with the letter they represent & your own description of that - wrapping of individual items is senders choice.
All items may be purchased - no requirement to make anything.
Please only send FIVE items - strictly no extras - this hopefully gives you enough scope to make this a fun swap, but keep postal costs reasonable. 
It is good fun, I did it last year.
See what I mean, fun!! I hope the model is ok with me sharing this photo!!
I had better head off back to the sewing machine and do some more creating.
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Oh my! Your Aussie Hero quilt is so lovely. Hmmm, not sure I could cope with that jigsaw lol. Love your circles. Great family pic.😊

Jo said...

Great AH quilt.. oh so funny to see that jigsaw happening again. Good luck...
I can't believe you get that quilt packed so small in the box... what wadding do you use...

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you had a great time .. wonderful memories x

Leeanne said...

No Boxing Kangaroo's on boxing day?? :-) Looks like you have had a lovely and hopefully relaxing time with your family.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great Family photo Sue. So nice to be together. All your projects are looking great' You did a wonderful job on the Aussie Hero quilt(even if I don't like the theme lol) The reading quilts are a wonderful idea...love it! I may have to uncurl myself from my book and go in search of some stitching xx

Pamela said...

So happy to see your family photo! I hadn't heard of the puzzles before. What fun!

Elyte said...

Glad you enjoyed a fun, family Christmas.
You are going to make someone very happy with that lovely quilt.
Best wishes to you for a very Happy New Year and hope to see you soon.
Elyte xx

Fiona said...

looks heaps of fun... what do you gather your circles around? I have a template (supposed to be heat resistant but only 1

Anonymous said...

Sue you are a cutie, love your hair! It looks like you've had a great season this year. Family, friends, fun, presents - the best of everything! Love the quilt and the pincushion. The Australia Day Swap looks like fun.

Raewyn said...

HI Sue, how quickly I get out of touch!! Awesome to see the family photo of you and your men. Laura loves the Wasgij puzzles as well and Christmas isn't the same if Santa doesn't bring her one!! It looks like you had a merry Christmas time xx