Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stitching away

Yesterday I signed up to do another Aussie hero quilt, the request was for deer hunting, German wire haired pointers and the roman numeral 3. This is how far I got yesterday
lots to do but off to a good start, I found the deer panel last time I was in NZ. The dog pictures are courtesy of Mr Google.

I can not remember where I found this fabric but had it earmarked for a zipper pouch, the front and back are quilted, ready to go.

Last year I watched a lot of people participating in the 365 Days of Circles, where you were to do one circle a day...I resisted until now when I found a pack 5 inch of batiks and thought well why not. I am not going to be strict about doing one a day, but it will be another hand stitching project.I will work on it when I feel like it.
I have also signed up for a BOM for next year over at Shiralee Stitches. I have had this pattern, a first by Susan at Thimble Stitch. I have  had the pattern for several months now, so have decided a BOM will motivate me to actually make it! That is the theory anyhow!!
Happy stitching.


Pamela said...

With so many different projects, you'll not be bored. I like the fabric squares for the circle project!

Leeanne said...

Thats an interesting request for a quilt. I like the circles, it will make a fun quilt.

Jo said...

I signed up for the wine and food request. Oh what it's like to be busy. Great choice of fabric.

Fiona said...

I am always amazed at how you manage to pluck out the perfect fabric for your Ausi hero quilts.... I love your circles - BOM are great fun and as you say motivation to keep up with them... 2018 is already filling up for you!

Raewyn said...

I've loved Susan's quilt forever (well, you know what I mean) and it will be fabulous watching you make it - wish I could join you with it but too many other things on the go....! Your Aussie Hero quilts seem to come together so nicely - you seem to have just the right bits for them! Cute little circles - the charm pack you're using looks perfect - were there 365 squares in the charm pack...?!!