Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Down the beach

Today 31st Dec I thought I had better get my act together and go for a walk, something I have been neglecting!
(This will come up on the 2nd of Jan if I can get blogger to cooperate with me..)
So off I went
and headed down the path along Edwards Point

I had a look for a new geocache on the way, this part of Swan Bay was nearby, great reflections today

love all the little birds lined up in a row
more birds and the gray heron over the back

near the next geocache several small birds were in and out of this tree

then I left the peace of the back track and came out on the beach....busy place at the present..lots of noisy jet skis

might be nice to be out sailing today

somebody outgrew their shell!!

heading back home, the tide is on the way out, so I had to walk back down the main track, otherwise I would have been paddling!
I did some work on the circles yesterday (30th Dec) 
this pile is ready for applique and a few more are being gathered.
I had better head off and do some more.
Happy sewing.


Elyte said...

I should take your example and go for a walk. Not so scenic around here!

Fiona said...

you are so good with your walking... and your circles.... mine are sitting in a box.... hmmmmm

Leeanne said...

Beautiful shots! I hope you have a cool place to make your circles?

Chookyblue...... said...

Nice spot for a walk.....

Diane-crewe said...

beautiful .. wonderful way to end the tear x

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a beautiful wander....love where you live xx

Pamela said...

Gorgeous place to walk!

Jo said...

Some beautiful views there... No need to reply. You have enough to do...

KaHolly said...

Looks like a lovely place! Minus the jet skis!