Friday, April 6, 2018


Today I have been into the city on the train, which is good as sitting in the train gives you sewing time!!
Circles and one star I finished on the train trip today.
I met Donna at the Exhibition Centre and off we went.
There were so many beautiful quilts to look at today...will do a few today and more tomorrow I think
love this approach to the Exhibition buildings thru the park

Love the fabrics and the hexies here

this fantasy bird was made with raw edge quilting after the pieces had been glued on, the organza along the bottom of the quilt creates a reflection in the water.

Cats, cats and more cats!

Loved this for the shapes and quilting and colours

Aren't these quilts just beautiful?

and the quilting here is amazing!

Loved this quilt showing a bit of Tibet ( I think), maybe Northern India where the Dalai Lama now lives..

and this one was in India, the quilting is beautiful

and the beads for the water just stunning

the Dalai Lama was in the previous quilt

the decorations on these ladies was beautiful too.
After I left Donna, I wandered about the park behind the Museum and found two geocaches.
the park here is beautiful. love the big old trees
once the caches were found I walked back to Southern Cross Station...4 km and it took me just over 48 mins. I was pretty tired once I got to the train station and happy to sit on the train!!
Must fire up for FNWF now...well maybe after dinner!!
Are you asleep now??
Happy stitching.


Pamela said...

Quilt shows are so inspiring! Thank you for bringing this one to me.

Ellie Merk said...

So much inspiration, all of them are stunning. I wish we lived near quilt shows but it is always a two day trip for any of the uk ones. See you tonight :)

Jo said...

I've had my nap , now time to sew.

Leeanne said...

Nice time out. Beautiful quilt, thanks for sharing the details.

Moose-ings said...

It was a great show, thanks for coming along! And I made a new friend, too. Glad you found your caches.

Fiona said...

lovely to see the quilts.. thanks... amazing work

Ondrea said...

So many beautiful quilts dusplayed. Gee, it must have been a quick trip. I am looking forward to going there tomorrow.

marina said...

beautiful pics Sue, Melbourne is putting on some gorgeous weather for visitors!
hope you'll show and tell your treasures?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts. Your circles are looking great and growing nicely. I bet you were appreciative of your pillow last evening x

KaHolly said...

Such a nice excursion. Wow, most of those quilts you showed are works of art! Beautiful! And you even squeezed in a little geocaching!

Raewyn said...

How lucky were you to see all those quilts up close and personal?! Thank you for sharing the photos of them :-) Did you get back for a second day? It looks like you are really getting lots of circles done. Hehe love the sheep from your previous post!