Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Monday

We have been so lucky to have such great weather this weekend
a calm Sunday morning, a bit cloudy, but many, many boats out fishing.

Great clouds this morning 

I made a brew of hot cross buns with gluten free flour...they came out ok, heavy but edible!
Adam cooked a BBQ for us last night

Beth and I got to eat and enjoy, the Supervisor was there keeping an eye on things too

the colours in the sky have been beautiful the last few nights

Waiting for the BBQ to be ready!!

I have finished the first KOGO blanket

Doing the Rounds is now here..slowly getting the diamonds sewn on.
I have done some pruning in the garden so had better venture out and gather the prunings into the green bin.
Happy Easter.


Pamela said...

Doing the rounds is absolutely gorgeous!

Julie said...

Lovely Sue - we have had wonderful autumn weather here too. Its been great. Adam looks very much like David to me :-) Your blanket looks great as does your "roundie".

Jo said...

Good finishes and family time. We have been enjoying the beautiful weather too

marina said...

Lovely Easter spent with family!
Gorgeous progress on your doing the rounds, the blue diamonds look so pretty.

Ellie Mork said...

Love doing the rounds, it's beautiful and unusual. Love your dog, waiting patiently. Great attempt at the hot cross buns, I haven't attempted them yet, will give it a go next year maybe. :)

Fiona said...

So lovely doing family things ... weather looks good and your rounds quilt is coming along beautifully...

Leeanne said...

looks like a nice family Easter. Doing the rounds IS pretty.

Ondrea said...

Gee, I think those diamonds would be difficult to place properly. Well done. It is looking amazing. Nice that you had a lovely time with family.