Monday, April 23, 2018

Exhibition part 2

The traditional quilts on display were made by Margaret Mew, she has studied 19th C quilts and loves that style, she has made her version of quilts that are in museums..

just beautiful!
beautiful raw edge applique here

I can see stars here and rows of red, Tracee could see hearts, what can you see?

Loved the bright colours here

this  one looked so different in real life! In the photo you can see every piece of fabric

this beautiful quilt was made by a group in Kilmore I think, the front was done by hand and under every block there was an embroidered name. On the back was a plan of the quilt and information about every name mentioned in the quilt, it was very moving.

this looked amazing in real life but didn't come up so well in the photo, but it really appealed to me.
This afternoon
the snowball and nine patch and

clamshells were allowed out of a box so I could measure them for backing and can see the backing has happened, but the wadding is still rolled up in the plastic bag.....I had better go and do it, otherwise we have to walk around the edges of the room until I do!! Of course the supervisor thinks they are laid out especially for him to walk on!!

Happy sewing.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh beautiful quilts! Love your clamshells! Looking forward to seeing your progress xx

Jo said...

The red and white Honour Quilt was made by one member in Kilmore. She chose all the names from the Kilmore memorial wall and did a history search. That was the information included on the back. Quite a few of the members did a sew along with her. If that was Marre's quilt it is just stunning. Lots of beautiful work being shown.

marina said...

more beautiful quilts!
LOVE your clamshell quilt, it looks so gorgeous and your snowball quilt is beautifull too. Just ask Tupai!
'chow scanned'

Pamela said...

I see stars and rows of red on the red quilt. I love your last photo!

Chookyblue...... said... pleased you shared the pics......

Fiona said...

Lovely to see the quilts.. they are amazing.... so are yours that the supervisor is inspecting so well...


Leeanne said...

Gosh Sue you have many lovely quilt shows in your area. Your quilts are beautiful........and your supervisor agrees!

Ondrea said...

Beautiful quilts. I can see hearts and stars in that red and white one and I particularly like the one that looks like a stsined glass window. LOL I thought laying on quilts was just a cat thing.

Raewyn said...

Two fabulous posts of the quilt show Sue - so much to take in and be inspired by :-) And to share it with a good friend - and all of blogland - is even better! Good to see you making progress on your two quilts as well :-)

co coya said...
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