Doing the Rounds

A new BOM for 2018
a beautiful quilt by Susan  over at Thimble Stitch, and BOM by Shiralee Stitches.

Month one has arrived


progress as at 30/01/2018
baby hexies made

progress for 1/2/2018. One triangle and one leaf shape sewn down.
All sewn down 15/2/2018

progress 19/2/2018
a new hexie is completed 21/2/2018
centre hexie pinned down ready for sewing

BOM # 2 arrived in the mail today, 23/2/2018.
progress 8/3/2018

progress 14/3/2018
circles ready for round 2, 16.3 2108
progress 18/3/2018
progress as at 21/3/2018

progress as at 23/3/2018

I have made a mistake here and left of one circle...

which I found on the floor of the sewing room today!

Diamonds are ready to go over the seam between the hexies and the circles.
Progress 27/3/2018

Number 3 has arrived.....30/3/2018
diamonds are being added
preparation for the next round
progress 17/4/2018

#4 has arrived

and a start has been made on the half inch hexies.
more hexies
hexies almost completed this morning 9/5/2018
next lot of hexies started 14/5/2018.
next days progress  15/5/2018
First diamond hexie 16/5/2018
and three more

progress with the hexies
#5 was here when I got back from holidays and #6 arrived last week

with beautiful fabric enclosed.
two more nearly finished.
fabric cut for the hexies to be appliqued on to.

progress as at 9/7/2018.

progress as at 12/7/2018
progress as at 14/7/2018.

Month 8 arrived in the post last week (Aug 20th)
beautiful fabric for the final circles and the binding.

Block 5 already included here, but now have #7 as well.
bias tape made for next round 22/8/18.
progress as at 20/9/2018.

progress as at 24/9/2018
the last few circles have their gathering stitch.
progress as at 1/10/2018.
progress 3/10/2018...39 circles stitched down.
circles finished 8/10/2019

tacking nearly done on the bias strip and some applique

bias strip is on and appliqued
corner flowers are in place , applique has begun 20/10/2018.

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