Farm Yard Frolics 2 BOM

This block of the month was begun last year....I have done one block and then came to a shuddering stop.....maybe 2014 is the year for getting this done!!

pack number one!

No 2

No 1 work in progress!
the next one is here already.... and is traced.....

and the next one......

and the next one.......

and the next one.......

this one is started....just....

and the next one....think I need to be getting on with this!!! Lol!!

Oh dear 2014 is drawing to a close and nothing has been done....maybe 2015 is the year!!!

No maybe 2016 is the year!!!
Now it is August 2018....mmmm!!
No maybe 2019??
Progress on Block 2. 17/12/2018
Finished 22/12/2018
lots of cutting out

progress 5/1/2019
progress 13/1/2019.


Farm Gate Creations said...

Hahaha...I'm in stitches you may need to change your heading to 2015

Caroline Murphy said...

Progress is progress, even if its just a stitch. Keep going, it is beautiful! Would you be interested in sharing this pattern? It is so cute!

james john said...

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