Sunday, March 3, 2013

Arty Party

Had a great day out with Tracee on Saturday - we went to the Paper and Scrapbooking Fair at the Exhibition building, fantastic building

we had a class with Jane Devonport from Byron Bay and got to play with paints and gesso and sticky stuff and paper serviettes
Jane's painting on the day
 OK computer not cooperating with me so I am stopping here, will try again tomorrow.
Bye for now!


Tracee Perry said...

Great pictures Sue, looking forward to seeing your finish.

Anonymous said...

yes cant wait to see your finish Sue,lovely pics.xx

kiwikid said...

Thanks Tracee - hope to get to it today if the computer will cooperate with me!! (Maybe it is the computer operator!

kiwikid said...

Thanks Chez - hope to get to it today - if I can get the photos uploaded!! (Computer skills in question here! Have to wait for the son to wake up!!))