Privacy Policy

I am putting this here thanks to help from Jo at ButterZ.

Privacy Policy

My Blogs Privacy Policy...

This privacy policy applies to all the content on my/this blog and complies with the 
EU.  (GDPR). General Data Protection Regulation. 2018

To my knowledge I do not offer cookies on my blog.
You can stop cookies by turning them off in your own browser settings.

I do not knowingly or willingly share your information to third-parties.

I do not store your information unless you willingly share it with me to contact you later.
This information may include your name, email address, and blog URL.
Do not leave a comment if you do not want me knowing who you are. 
I enjoy reading your comments and will get back to you by email reply.

I may put a link to your blog in my post if I am linking up with your blog or like something on your blog. 
Please let me know if you do not want me to share your link or do not want me directing traffic your way.
I will delete the link as soon as requested. 

I have no control over what others copy and use from my blog.

If you signed up for notifications of my blog posts then you are agreeing to receiving them.

Bottom line is I blog for my enjoyment, you read it for your enjoyment.
Let's comply and know if you comment you accept these terms.

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