Friday, September 22, 2023

Here and there

 I have been visiting Finn and his family and having walks with them when we time our walks together

we have had play time at home

and watched Finn venture into eating solids!
We have had hot sunny days, some even went in swimming, a bit cold for me yet

the pelicans enjoyed the bits from the fish cleaning station, I think the pelican on the right might have been eating squid

I had a walk along the sea front in Geelong one day and enjoyed the bollards again

these two are looking a bit the worse for wear sadly

we have had some cooler and wet weather too.
Today I delivered my quilt to West Geelong for the Quilt Exhibition of the Guild starting tomorrow
the bookcase quilt is all finished.
I had a walk around and in the Botanic Gardens on the way home
Well blogger has moved these all around so they are mixed up!

back in St Leonards walking

on the walk around the Botanic Gardens the fruit bats are snoozing in the pine trees

a bit of a fuzzy zooming in photo 😀

a big old tree I liked 😀

beautiful flowers in the dry garden section

in one of the hot houses

and again

they had a kowhai tree in flower in the gardens, although it was labelled a tree from Chile, the nectar feeding birds love these flowers

part of a sculpture in the gardens, sadly I chopped it's head off!!

seed pods from an interesting tree, no seeds though

this beautiful stag fern? was in the fernery.
I am currently working on an Aussie Hero quilt, the request was for Staffordshire terriers and the ship  crest - hope he likes blue!!

the next one is for Tank Evans from Surfs Up. This requires a large applique - next weeks job!

A little progress has been made on the modern triangles, a challenge at the Bellarine Quilters

these were mostly foundation paper piecing

A little more has happened on the Daylesford quilt top

and the cropped diamonds are coming along slowly

I called in to Heights sewing centre after dropping off my quilt, I had a voucher to spend ( lucky me) and found these plus some quilting templates to have a play with

went to the bike shop and got a comfy seat for my bike ( I hope!!)

and I have started reading this book...phew are you still awake??
I am off to continue on the AH quilt.
Happy stitching.

Friday, September 8, 2023

This week

I decided it was time to scrub the table on the front deck and to sandwich a quilt that has been on the spare bed for months, it was breezy outside but pleasant
We had the grand fur kids over for the afternoon
They enjoyed their dog peanut butter biscuits
Earlier in the day I had a walk with Beth and Finn
The bookcase quilt has been quilted by Joan and has the binding on, now for a hanging sleeve 
Yesterday I went into Geelong to see an exhibition of Wool and Art quilts at the Wool Museum
It is a amazing old building

This was my favourite, the quilting was stunning

such wonderful detail in the background 

This pledge was in a pocket on the quilt below
This was another favourite
Also on display 
A wedding dress using lace table cloth and doilies 
The coat on the right is made by a NZ born Korean man, made in Korean style
Dress on the left using batik traditions and on the right using Aboriginal weaving

And a bollard of the artist who made all the bollards around Eastern Beach in Geelong.
One last quilt, loved the colours and the tiny blocks
Happy stitching.