Monday, August 3, 2020

Zooming along

Saturday morning I joined in with Chooky and her zoom party
It was great to catch up with ladies I knew and to meet new ones.
Four more stars to add to the collection

I did some epp in the morning and crochet in the evening. I had to pop in and out as we had the grand dog visiting and he needed some entertaining, plus it was a beautiful afternoon so some gardening and pruning happened and a little quilting was done as dinner was cooking. My crochet is a bit wavy, I must have added too many stitches at some stage, but I have pulled it out three times so far, will just see what happens now as it grows.

Last Thursday I made another block for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, this one was made using foundation paper piecing so went together quite quickly.

I finished off this quilt top from Susan I used the serpentine stitch every second row, the binding was done yesterday afternoon and the label sewed on last night. I hope to do another hospital delivery on Wednesday when we have to go into Geelong, after midnight Wednesday we are back into restrictions on where we go and what we do.
I had better be off and get the shopping list organised and the library books to be returned, hubby will be back from his walk soon and ready to head out again.
Happy stitching.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Back home

I came home yesterday, retreat was over, and a great time was had by all. I think we timed our retreat well as from Monday we cannot visit another house and must wear masks when we leave the house. So show this virus has to be stopped. On a happier note,
I put together another quilt top, these blocks were made by a friend who has passed away,  four of us quilters used to get together Friday night's once a month and we made the blocks from the Underground Railroad quilt, I was given these 5 to put together, mine are still sitting in a pizza box in the cupboard! I think I will add a border to finish this off.

Judy was working on a quilt top using the drunkards path blocks for a wedding present, these are the last few rows, the others were being sewn together by the time I took a photo.  They were arranged to create a chain effect and looked wonderful.

Wednesday I made two anthology blocks, the clamshell took a lot of brain power trying to get the borders to fit and the block to the right size, it took two of use to realise I had cut the border pieces bigger than I should have!! Duh!!! 

I also had  a play with some foundation paper pieced hearts

And some flying geese also paper pieced.

Carleen was working on her Japanese fabrics quilt, once on the wall we realised a couple of blocks were upside down, they will be fixed at home.

The sun came out Thursday afternoon and the light coming in the front door caught my eye. We had the same door at our previous house in Gisborne.

We had a visit from Maxine for Wednesday lunch, this was her show and tell, lots of lovely things she has been working on.

This lovely quilt was at the retreat on the back of the couch.
So back home and back to what ever is normal these days.
Happy stitching.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Things are going really well on retreat, lots of chatting is happening, lots of wonderful food , and of course some sewing.
I completed a quilt top the first day

Carleen made a magnificent pavlova

And is working on a beautiful top with Japanese fabrics.

Sunny and frosty this morning

The sun is shining and the mist is rising

There are some beautiful quilts hanging here

This scrappy quilt is stunning.

This wall hanging is near the front door

Love this suitcase of quilts 

Sue is working on a beautiful sashiko

I have been making the mystery quilt from the Guild,  have the blocks done and hope to get them joined up today,  the whole quilt has to stay a mystery for now. 
Off for another day of stitching and by. 
Happy stitching.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

well nearly, there are always the last minute things that have to go in the bags...I always end up like the bag lady going on retreat, so this time I have tried to be contained! 😄
Blogger has decided to turn this photo around, these little stars have joined the family, they are great to stitch while sitting near the tv in the evenings.

Another two projects to take to retreat, one is to make a quilt top with some blocks I was given, the other to make flying geese, the paper foundation method, something I have not tried before.

I sewed together the strips for this quilt top yesterday and cut them all to six and a half inches, now they need to be joined together, but that will happen on retreat. I have so many projects packed, I do not think I will get to them all, but at least I have lots of choice. 😁

Lovely Joan called in today and let me choose some face masks from the ones she has made, thank you Joan, now I don't have to make them!! The two lower masks have wire to shape them over the nose and all have an internal pocket to put a filter. Pretty flash! Thank you too, to the lovely ladies who sent me links to mask making, I have kept them for future use.

Joan dropped off this fabric and blocks that were left over from a commission she had, the person requesting the quilt sent extra fabric so an oncology quilt could be made, which was very nice of her. She also took home a quilt to quilt and brought us a tin of yo-yo's she had made, David is very happy, I notice three have disappeared already. 🤭

Ingrid received a box of goodies from the US and in the box was this pretend leather fabric, Ingrid suggested a satchel, so this is what I came up with, very basic but large enough to hole 12 inch blocks with some room to spare

Inside is a fabric covered heavy card that will keep the shape and stop bending.

I went out on the back deck for a while this afternoon and watched these two galahs in the back yard, they were eating something from the grass and the edge of the garden.

They are such pretty birds.

My little desert rose plant is still trying to flower, the poor thing is very confused and must think it is still summer. I keep watching the flowers but they are very slow, I think the cold might stop them opening up much more. But we shall wait and see.
Tomorrow morning I am off to the retreat in Gisborne, about 1 hour 45 minutes driving from here and where we used to live. Gisborne is inland and higher so I am prepared for colder weather. Not that it matters really as I will be inside sewing madly to get all my prepared projects done!! 😁 
Happy stitching.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Today is Thursday

and so I made a list of things I wanted to get done......have crossed off except one, so that goes on the list for tomorrow
During the week I had a bit of a sandwich fest, this lovely quilt top came from Susan in Brisbane. Ages ago, on one FNWF, we had a virtual jelly toll race and this was one Susan made,  she sent it to me for quilting and to be given to the oncology ward. So after a wait it has been prepared for quilting.

I also pinned this quilt, made by Jill, with fabric donated by Elaine from the Guild.

And another lovely batik jelly roll race quilt made by Susan.

On my list today was to try and make some face masks, I cut out the fabric....tick!!

Then got distracted by happy mail, project cards from Amitie Textiles

Very tempting, but I am not giving in just at the moment.

Also in the week I made another baby quilt from a panel, I seem to have a few from a  stash I bough from another quilter a couple of years ago.

Next on the list, cut fabric for the Guild Mystery Quilt , tick!!

Cut fabric for a foundation paper pieced project....tick!! I am hoping to go on a retreat on Monday, if we do not go into lockdown between now and then. Four of us are going, usually we would have 10, so we will have plenty of space, we are taking our own food, lots of hand sanitiser, spray disinfectant etc. We will go straight there, stay indoors except for maybe a walk, and then come home. Here in Geelong and in Gisborne where we are going, they are Regional areas not included in Melbourne.  So we are allowed to travel. The woman who owns the retreat is a policewoman so she would not let us come if it was illegal.
Now to give you a laugh....

Face mask attempt #!  Mmmmmm......bias binding on the top and bottom not the sides!!

#2 I used bias binding instead of making it myself and it slid off my face 😂😂😂

So I tied the bias straps and then pulled them over my ears...😏🤭 back to the drawing board tomorrow I think!! Heavens only know what happens when I put my glasses on!  Luckily hubby bought some commercial ones when he was out today!! Phew.

Yesterday I made the Anthology block for the week

And today the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block, this is the third time I have tried this block, this is the best of my efforts, it is half an inch too big, maybe my scant seams should have been not suite so scant??
Off to get some dinner, hubby will be sitting at the table waiting soon.
Happy stitching.