Monday, June 1, 2020

Chooky's birthday party and care update

The Chook shed birthday party is going virtual and is coming up next weekend, you can read about it over 

This is an older update but one I would like to keep

Radius Matua Update: 28 May 2020

Isn’t autumn a great time of year, as you drive into Radius Matua grounds the colours of the trees and shrubs look spectacular.

It is the best time of year in my view. We are very proud of the way our grounds are kept and I want to give a huge shout out to Brenda (our one and only gardener), who works tirelessly keeping the grounds looking beautiful. Brenda absolutely loves her job and is often telling me how she wants to add this, or take out that, to keep everything looking appealing. Thanks Brenda. A vital team member.

6 days in a row of zero Covid cases, but sadly one death was not added to the list, until today. It brings it home to you when you remember that another death is not just a number, but a person (and someone’s relative and friend). That is what we are fighting against.

Activities Today:

Falls prevention class: - 15 residents attended this run by our amazing physiotherapist Andrea

Van trip (rest home residents): - went down to the Tauranga Marina to see the boats – I am not sure how many times “lotto” and “imagine if” were mentioned!! The residents thoroughly enjoyed it.

One on one: - were held in the rooms (the activities team love this special time with the individuals).

Comedy Movies: were held in the hospital wings.

“Pick a song” on u tube:  was on in the main hall for the residents. It amused me that last week the residents chose the comedy movie “Last foot in the grave”, and today for their song, they voted for CĂ©line Dion’s “Life must go on”…perhaps they are a little bit more cheery today than last week J

Lavender walk : - Our Lavender residents went out for a lovely walk around the grounds and have made some of their own crowns for Queens birthday Weekend. They also attended the event listed below.

Farewell afternoon tea for Kitchen Manager:

The highlight of the day for the residents was a special afternoon “high tea” put on by our departing Kitchen Manager Diana. What a spread!! We had triangle sandwiches, home-made sausage rolls, cream puffs, lamingtons with fresh cream, meringues with cream and fruit. It is no wonder I have put on so much weight in this job, so much so that my wife once put a sign on my office door saying “Please do not feed, endanger of extinction”.

As mentioned before Diana has been the backbone of our kitchen for nearly 19 years, she is an amazing cook and managers, and has been a pleasure for all of us to work with.

Here is a photo of our staff and residents feeling very sad about Diana leaving us:



As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow will be the last daily update but I will be putting one out every Friday for residents and their families, I hope they have been useful and helped make you feel part of our Radius Matua family during this stressful time.


Craig Shipton

Facility Manager

Radius Matua.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Care Update

Radius Matua Update: 29 May 2020

Friday is always a relaxed good vibe day at Radius Matua, I am not sure why that is but if you think about everyone looks forward to Friday during their working lives. It is probably that ingrained feeling that stays with people even as they are long retired or it could be  the afternoon ……happy hour. J
No matter what it is, it is a nice feeling to see happy smiling people around and hear laughter.
It has been building up for the week as I have mentioned in more than one newsletter this week, but today is our Kitchen Manager Dianna Cook’s last day. We have had several farewell celebrations but today we all brought a plate and had a nice morning tea for her. Penny our HR/Contracts administrator (and world-renowned walker, cake maker and Health care assistant) made an amazing cake for Diana (I hope the photo below does it justice). There were more tears than tea at the farewell, I had to be assured the sniffing was tears and not Covid!!!)
Today was definitely a fun day for the residents, this morning they had the Matua Primary school children read to them………via the Zoom technology and played on our big screen. I have put the photo of the residents watching that. Technology is great for this Covid time and has taught us all how to adapt to non face-to-face activities. Following the reading the students took the resident’s on a virtual tour of their school. Awesome thinking Matua.
Activities today:
Happy hour – Friday drinks and nibbles.
Van trips- The hospital and Lavender residents went on the 2 trips today; it was the “Tauranga Tiki Tour” covering most of our beautiful city.
Queen’s birthday display – residents have been able to enjoy the display in the main hall (despite our queen not having a head) ……………Henry the V111’s fault perhaps??
Well that is it for the daily updates, I will contact you all again on Fridays from here on in.
Keep safe….great news that there is only 1 live case throughout NZ at the moment and 7 days in a row with zero new cases. J

Craig Shipton
Facility Manager
Radius Matua

Nice to see the back of my mothers head in the bottom right of the above photo! Nice to see she has watched the Zoom session with the children from the local primary school.
During the week I walked down to the shops, a 4.5km round trip, it was foggy when I started out

Nice to see the pelicans have returned with the resuming of fishing

Heading home the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day.

Jenny (in NZ) has been at home for the best part of three months, she works in a bank, the banks were closed and being just over 60, it was decided she was a person at risk, I have no idea why and she is super healthy and rarely gets a cold. It was hard for her at home for so long but she did get lots of knitting done, she made this KOGO blanket and I did the crochet around the edge. There are a couple of endy bits to tidy up and it is ready for delivery.

The Aussie hero quilt, beach and all things related themed, is nearly done, just the label and letter to go, then it is ready to go in the post. The surf board fabric came from Hawaii, so fits in with the request nicely.

One of the Guild ladies made this quilt, the backing and binding to go with it, I quilted it and finished it off. It has lovely squares with Pooh and Piglet.

The quilt was made by Jill of the Bellarine Quilters, I did the quilting and binding, another ready for delivery to SJOG.

The knitting is progressing slowly...

as are the hearts, another 4 completed.

One cache I found this afternoon over near Queenscliff, it was in cutty grass, not pleasant stuff to search through.

It was a lovely afternoon at Queenscliff, I had a wander along the beach, watched a huge container ship go out to sea, watched small boats heading out fishing a sail boat glided by, while I sneakily reached into a bush for a cache!! You wouldn't know from this photo but there were a few people about behind me.
We were supposed to have a cold rainy day today but so far it has not eventuated, maybe tomorrow.
I am off now to do some sewing.
Happy sewing.