Sunday, July 25, 2021

School Girl Sampler

 is finished! Yay! I made myself stay on project and not be distracted by the squirrel that was chatting in my ear, I eventually drowned it out with an audio book 

I just hope the last border sits flat when it is quilted as I had problems sewing it on.
Hubby gave me a shout last night to come and look at the moon
The photos do not do it justice, the colour was beautiful and it looked huge. Was so good to see it before it disappeared into the cloud.
Last night while the football was on, I went to the sewing room and pulled out the much neglected foundation paper pieced hearts and made another five. Slowly getting there with this project!
It is a cold a overcast day today, I think some rain might be coming. Perfect afternoon to be in the sewing room.
Happy stitching.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Still at home

 We have had the lockdown extended for another 7 days....hopefully that is enough to stop this variant of the virus from spreading.

I have been doing some sewing and a lot of reading, I finished three Harry Bosch novels this week, once I get my nose into them, that is me gone for the day.

But some sewing has happened

Schoolgirl Sampler has had her problems fixed and two borders added, two more to go

The Drunkards Path quilt I made at Baradine has had two borders added and now is in the to be quilted pile

The Guild Mystery quilt has had it's last border added and is also in the to be quilted pile.
A little more progress on Tea and Cake

This weeks Anthology blocks are done
Out in the garden the other day I noticed the jasmine flowering, a bit early I thought, but I have some in the sewing room and it smells wonderful every time I walk in.

Margaret Mew had a destash sale on Instagram and I was able to buy a quilt top, on the right, with beautiful Japanese fabrics and linen and on the left a large backing piece, so for very little outlay I have a quilt ready to be added to the quilting pile. 
I am off now to sew together 4 x 23 half square triangles together for the next Schoolgirl Sampler border. Might put an audio book on at the same time.
Stay safe.
Happy stitching.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Leaving on a jet plane....NOT!

 Well my bag was all pack and we were ready to go and then Dan the Man said NO! Lockdown for a week for you. We had planned a trip to Port Douglas with Adam and Beth and Beth's parents, but that was not to be. We will have to wait for another time. The virus has descended on Victoria again, thanks to some furniture removalists who came here and South Australia while they were infectious. 

my bag is now unpacked and all put away until next time.
This week has been a bit of a squirrel week, things I had planned to do have not happened and other things have taken their place. ( Did you send your squirrels over Lou ?) It is all good as a finish is a finish regardless of the day it gets done.
Garfield is finally finished and has gone to the Bellarine Quilters collection, it will go to a new home later this year. This fabric came from Fiona
This quilt top was also made by Fiona, quilted by Joan of Faraway quilting and bound by me. It will go to the SJOG oncology ward when I can do another delivery.
Also for SJOG are

these two quilts, tops made by Wendy from the Geelong Guild finished by me.
This weeks Anthology blocks, only a small amount of unsewing required 😉

One more border was attached to the Guild Mystery Quilt, I think I will do one more plain border and then it will be done.
For some reason I got out the cropped diamonds and sewed the two separate bits I had together, then added a few more, I think this is going to take a long time to get some size to this one. I am happy to be using up scraps though.

I was listening to the last disc of a talking book so decided to stamp some more scraps and cut them out, good to have a pile of scraps gone.

I spent quite a lot of time preparing hexies to take away, now I have lots to sew together, no prep needed for a while!
Today I went for a walk, did some grocery shopping to fill the empty fridge and then sat and read a book, The Paris Library, what a great book, I really enjoyed it.
Today has been a bit of a lazy day!
Happy stitching.


Friday, July 9, 2021

This week

 The KOGO Blanket is finished and ready to go in the mail, I have been walking every day so far, we have had a beautiful sunny calm, but chilly week, perfect for enjoying some time outside.

I finished this book, enjoyed the story except for the bits about the way the Zoo animals were treated in WW2, I understand why but it was not nice to read.
While taking a photo of the hexie mystery quilt I realised one of the brown with yellow edging pieces in sewn on the wrong way, so some unsewing had to happen and now it is fixed!
Hexie production continues in the evenings.
This weeks Anthology blocks have been made
Yesterday Hubby made it into the local newspaper with the other guys from the local chess group

Yesterday afternoon I quilted this quilt made by Wendy from the Guild, I used the Serpentine stitch along the seams, the quilt has a lovely squishy feel to it now. This will be for the oncology ward.
I am going to attempt to put another border on the Guild mystery quilt this afternoon, so had better get my skates on.
Happy stitching.


Sunday, July 4, 2021

FNWF and Zooming

 Thursday I had a squirrel moment and decided to sew some baby rugs with fabric that has been sitting on the shelf for ages, one in fleecy fabric the other flannelette.

I laid the pink and blue fabric together trimmed them to be almost the same and then sewed two rows of stitching approx three inches from the edge, the cut the fringe. this took me quite a while as I was watching the movie Hope Bay, with Bill Nighy, Annette Benning and Josh O'Connor. It was an interesting movie.

I have had this fabric for ages so matched the pieces up right sides together, sewed around turned it out the right way and sewed around quarter inch from the edge.

This is beautiful fabric. I am not sure why these took so long to get around to doing, distracted by other things I guess.
FNWF saw me in the sewing room avoiding the football again, I decided it was time to get on with the last KOGO squares and get them into a rug ready to be sent back to KOGO
What a mess!! During the evening I sewed together 4 strips and got three rows together. I forgot to take a photo.
Saturday was an early start, for me not for others as I was late getting to Chookys zoom catchup.
The zoom started at 6am, I was still in bed then! It was wonderful to catch up with Chooky and ladies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Germany. Interesting to chat and listen and to see what people were making.
I did some more on the KOGO blanket and it is now up to the stage of having it crochet edge done
I did start the crochet Saturday but then moved on to doing a few hexies
They need all their side bits sewn down.
I finished up zooming about 2pm, my hands were sore and bum was numb! The other ladies were still going and sewing.
Saturday afternoon I found some strips on the shelf and decided to sew them into two groups, I was thinking a plain strip down the centre, but then I remembered the flying geese that are homeless, so thought maybe they would work, what do you think??
Not the best photo, and they are different fabric lines, will lay them out flat at some stage and get a better look.
We are off into Melbourne today for lunch with a group of friends so had better get my skates on, it is a 2 hour drive to get there and lunch is at 12.30.
Happy stitching.

Thursday, July 1, 2021


 I have finished another round of the Tea and Cake quilt top

I have lots and lots more hexie flowers to make!
After making a few cutting mistakes I made this weeks Anthology Block, only to look at the photo and realise I had flipped the bottom row, so,,

some unpicking had to happen a quick iron and the row was sewn on the correct way!
The last couple of weeks I have been making an Aussie Hero quilt

the request was for parachutes, armoured vehicles, tank, poppies, Rising Sun Badge, parachuters badge
and supplies being dropped from a plane by parachute.

I think I ticked all the boxes, hopefully it is ok.
Tomorrow is Friday Night with Friends over at Cheryll's and evening to sit and sew along with a lovely group virtually.

Saturday Chooky is having a zoom stitching day so I plan to join in with that too and see what everyone is making.

Lovely to have a sew along with friends.
I have done todays washing and cleaning, as well as a few other bits and pieces of paper work, so now it is time to go to the sewing room and see what I can do today.
Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Heading home

We headed home Monday late morning and stopped at Kilcunda to have a walk along the rail trail and look for caches, it was a beautiful morning, no wind to speak of.
Views from the rail trail.
I was  under the trestle bridge looking for a cache, was one of the few I found 
Back at Sorrento the ferry was coming in, we were home by about 4.30. I have sewn on some more hexies but no photo yet.
Off swimming this morning. 
Happy stitching.