Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday sewing

Today I have managed to tick four of five things off my to do list!
One was to sew two blocks for the mystery quilt from the Today's Quilter magazine. These blocks are the fillers that go between the monthly blocks.
So because I had the fabric cut and could do,  I made three!! Go me!! They need a border added, that will happen next time.

I also finished sewing the two and a half inch squares together, I started this a while back and happily sewed away, compared it to the other two I have finished and I have made this one a different size! Oh well, I will have to be creative with the border.

I know the photo looks the same, but the binding is now done and the bed runner has gone to it's new home, it is actually on the back of a couch, with one very happy owner.

The Supervisor has been on the job today in the door of the hall from the sewing room so he can keep an eye on me moving around and get the cool breeze coming in the back door.

Last week #1 son and partner and Hank came for dinner, we had a walk after dinner along the beach. Poor Hank can not have been out of his yard much in his previous home, he is frightened of stairs and refuses to come up or go down, he is frightened of changes in floor coverings so will not go from one room to another ( we had to carry him up and inside).  He was also frightened of the rocks in the water, poor boy needs lots of outings to learn about life.
I am off for a G & T , soak in the bath and a good read.
Happy stitching.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Reading blogs

Reading blogs gives me much pleasure, seeing what others are making, seeing progress and finishes and also ALL the new things you can be doing. I was reading Sharons blog over at Vroomans Quilts and saw a link up to The Temecula Quilt Company. They are having a sew a long called Sew Along Wednesday to help use up the stash and scraps. Great idea I thought, then I noted the finished blocks were three and a half inches...mmmm....that gave me pause for thought, but then I though well a challenge is always good so I am going to try and follow the sew along.
I figure I can always gather the instructions and continue at my own pace.
I subscribe to an English quilting magazine
they are having a mystery BOM so I have decided to do that, I am already behind but progress is happening
one corner was finished yesterday

other pieces are pinned together ready to go.

I had a play with the iron on EPP bits, I am not sure about them, some of my squares and rectangles are no longer square or have straight edges, there is obviously a knack to getting these right, and I am used to the paper hexies which are firmer to fold the fabric against. I shall keep on and see how they go. It is a great way to use up scraps.

This lady was wandering along the waters edge the other day enjoying the water.

The Supervisor had a paddle

this bush still has lots of flowers

and the fruit are ripening. Still a mystery bush to me!
I have been telling myself all week to get the sewing tidies up and today is the day, no more procrastinating. 
Have a great day.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Southern Right Quilt Show #3

Back to the show

So many beautiful quilts and I didn't take a photo of every one!! ( I promise!!)

I bought a pack of Tula Pink fabric at the show and have made it into a simple quilt for a friend who is having health issues at present. If you can't be there in person a quilt is the next best thing, although we are heading for a few days in the high 30's this week so it will not be needed!

I have finished all the sewing on the applique shapes, now to make the little quilt, knitted piece and crochet piece that go with the animals, might change that but we shall see. Mrs Cow has a quilt covering her lack of legs.

I found these at the show, iron on EPP shapes, you use them the same way but they eventually wash out..not a bad  idea, so as they are new to me I thought I would give them a go. (Like I need a new project!!)

These lovely fabrics also came home with me, at $2.00 each I could not leave them behind.
I have plans for these, one day!!
Happy stitching.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Southern Right Quilt show 2

More beautiful quilts 

these three were all the same pattern but because of the fabric chosen looked quite different.

Imagine the work in this one!

Amazing hexies.

Love the colours in this one

Beautiful Caswell

Never seen a sock quilt before! 

After lunch we did a class with Fiona Jellie

the kit had antique linen and lace, felted heart, threads and buttons

Margaret and I creating

this is where I got to, more stitching required, plus if I am keen I can add seed beads and other bits. If you make more than one you can make a wall hanging, Margaret is making hers into a postcard, good idea I thought so I might do the same.
More quilts to come but enough for today I think.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Big Day out Part 1.

Yesterday I went with Margaret a fellow Geelong Guild member  to Warrnambool to the
We went to Warrnambool from Geelong by train, got a taxi to the venue and then had a wander
Just had to sneak in the sunrise 

aren't the colours beautiful 

here we go for a wander

Life's sayings, hard to see sadly, but I grew up being told a lot of these

Have the pattern for this 

Little bays and tempting views

Isn't the centre beautiful.

this label belongs to the photo above, quilt on the right

Flying pineapples!!

Foundation pieced..stunning!

Still awake and with me???
Will share some more tomorrow, is a fantastic exhibition and well worth visiting.
Happy stitching.