Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mid month check in

 Deana, has given a mid month check in to see how things are going with

My challenge for May was to make the felted needle case, I am pleased to say that is finished

I added the ribbon to help keep it closed, I don't know why I waited so long to make it as it didn't take that long to stitch.
The other part of the challenge was to work on the Anthology blocks, I am pleased to say they are all now in a quilt top, thanks to Margaret helping me on retreat last week. They will go to the quilters tomorrow.
The quilt tops are folded on the couch waiting for me to cut wadding.
I bought an I Spy pack last Saturday - my no buying fabric went out the door!!
I put it together Sunday and Monday night - typical me not sewing what I should have been sewing, still it is good to have it made.
I am linking up over at Deana's blog with the other mid month updaters.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Gisborne Retreat

 A very happy three days was spent at the retreat at Gisborne, lots of chatting, laughing, sewing, eating happened plus a little walking, I was very happy to get 4 quilt tops nearly finished with the help of Margaret 

After some unsewing the Guild Mystery quilt is done,  just the borders to add now.

Margaret finished her I Spy quilt top

Another cheaters quilt for me with fabric I got from the quilt shop in Temora, borders from left overs at home.

Judy got a border on this left overs quilt top she and Christine made

Maxine had her beautiful hexie quilt back from Tracee of Hummingbird Quilting

Another quilt Maxine had back from Tracee, these were 9 patches she had from a swap many years ago

Another quilt top finished by Judy

Beautiful backing fabric Tracee has at her studio , she has another with Artic animals and yes one came home with me! 🙄

Carleen with her scrappy strip quilt

Another Judy quilt top made from fat quarters and other left over pieces.

Beautiful gum blossom

Autumn colours

This cloud stayed over us one day while we were walking

Margaret at work on my Anthology blocks

As there were 183 Anthology blocks we made 2 quilt tops, I want to put black all around and maybe a coloured side border to make them a little wider.

Thank you for your help Margaret, without you sewing and sewing for me only one quilt would be done! Quilty friends are the best!!!💓

I think that is enough for now, I will try and publish this on my phone and then go and fix the photos on the lap top..
Happy stitching. 😊 
PS I published this to the Scrub Stitching blog 😕 so have cancelled the one over there and tried again here.

Saturday, May 4, 2024


I was happily sewing away last night and finished up this quilt top for the Guild Mystery quilt
Blogger has this upside down, but you can see the now top row has some blocks around the wrong way , so today I have to unpick and try again 
This is what the quilt should look like 😁
I don't understand why blogger has decided to put the photos upside down  🙃🙂
I am doing this post on my phone so don't know how to link with Cheryll's blog but there us a link on the previous post.
Thank you Cheryll for an evening of virtual sewing together.
Happy stitching.

Friday, May 3, 2024

Tonight is


Thank you to Cheryll for hosting us.
Tonight I am hoping to get these blocks sewn together
These are for the Guild Mystery quilt and as we have been urged to have them finished by the Quilt In this month I thought I had better get on with it 😁. I have that quilt listed as #1 on the challenge, so that could be changed to something else.
I also found this kit, which was where it was supposed to be 🙄, I had put it away, oh dear!!
I have spent the last hour writing out the phone contacts from hubbies phone so we can manually enter them into his new phone! Now I am off to sew.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May Chookshed Challenge

 Deana has drawn the number for this month for the Chookshed Stitchers Challenge and it is

For me that is
the Eco dyed needle case - I have just been to the sewing room and can not find this - it is somewhere safe and ready to go - I can't find where that is - I guess I have a month to lay my hands on it!! 😣
and also
this tin of blocks all need sashing - plus I have several more spacer blocks to make.
Ideally I would like to get a quilt top made, but we shall see!!
Big challenge this month.
I am off to do another search!
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The lovely Ladies of Baradine

Chooky, our leader, organiser and blogger who gets and keeps us all together
Miranda busy studying in the mornings while all the sewing happens around her!
Maureen and Kylie
Sharmayne and Janice

All fixed, no longer upside down!!
Out under the cypress trees , Mick very kindly took photos and then out his drone up and took more, but before that we had three sets of mothers and daughters, I caught two
Tina and Harriet, I was slow they were hugging and smiling beautifully just before this
Di and Melinda
More lovely ladies Miss Jules and Lea
Christine and Sharmayne.
And some photos I helped myself to from Chooky's blog 
Last year some of us were challenged to make a Corner Star quilt, Lea, Georgina and Kylie were finished, Raewyn is making blocks and mine is a top. The pattern is from Missouri Star.

One of Mick's drone photos

Morning tea maybe? Desert? I am not sure.

Raewyn modelling Chooky's braid strip

Brenda, back from hospital, her daughter and Di.

Kylie, Lea and Raewyn

Raewyn, myself, Georgina and Di, love the smiley face Brenda made for us!

Chooky and Christine, blogging friends for many years.

Ladies who completed their kit from last year, designed  by Anni Downs , lots of us did this as a challenge earlier this year.

Chooky and the Star Girls 😃

I think this was breakfast one day

again at breakfast

Happy campers at the machine.
I have some show and tell photos but that needs reducing or it will be a HUGE post!!
Thank you Chooky for a great few days.
Happy stitching.