Saturday, May 15, 2021

Last day and home

What did I get done? Well I finished all the Schoolgirl Sampler blocks, joined them together and tried to sew them onto the quilt top and they didn't fit, they just didn't want to play nice, so they are in a corner until I want to face them again. 

On the way home I had a visit to the specialist and was told my iron levels and blood count are low, so I was sent over the road for an iron infusion, hopefully in the next few days I will be bursting with energy and not tired all the time.
I am off to do some hand stitching
Happy stitching.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Retreat day 3

 Today was spent sewing and unsewing once again,  the Old Time Kaleidescope is finished, I had managed to flare out the side borders and somhad to do some unpicking to get it straight, I was very lucky Maria was here and helped me get it sorted.

It is so nice to see it done.

Late  tonight I made more Schoolgirl Sampler blocks

And another two, I have 2 more to make and then the bottom row is finished.
Maxine and I had a wonderful lunch out and visit today with Margaret and Tracee, was a great day.
Off to get some sleep now.
Happy stitching.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Retreat Day 2

 There was lots of sewing and unsewing today, I finally finished the first border for Betty's Medallion only to find it is too big. All the ladies here have had a look and a solution has been suggested so will get to that back at home.

Betty's Medallion as far as I can go at present.
After all the cutting I did and sewing, I realised I cut the flying geese units the wrong way, so have ended up with square in square blocks. I am not going to waste the fabric.

Last night's dinner was baked potatoes, coleslaw and onion and bacon cooked with capsicum, which was yummy 

Followed by pavlova with berries, so yum!!!

Late yesterday I made this week's Anthology blocks

Today I have been working on the borders of the Old Time Medallion, more on that tomorrow.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Retreat day 1

Day one has come and gone, we had a good trip up here to Gisborne , sewing started once we were settled, I got the borders sewn into the Guild Mystery Quilt and then had to unpick them all the sewing as I had sewn them on the wrong way around ๐Ÿ˜–

The borders put on the right way for the Guild Mystery Quilt

My heap of soon to be flying geese for the Sawtooth stars

Maxine has finished her pretty Australian flowers quilt, the binding went on yesterday.
I am off to the iron to press all the flying geese units. 
Happy stitching.

Sunday, May 9, 2021


 Here it is Sunday already, another first weekend of the month zipping by.

I finished the binding on the pink pixilated heart quilt 

and did a few free motion hearts here and there.

In the afternoon I finished cutting the pieces for the Sawtooth Star for Bettys Medallion

I was adding the side diamonds to the epp stars when I realised I had made a mistake, time to finish for the evening I think!
A visit to Cheryll's blog and see what the others got up to.
I am off for a visit and then I have more cutting to do, I am off to a retreat next week, so am cutting in preparation.
Happy stitching.

Friday, May 7, 2021


 Here I am rather late in the day, but tonight is FNWF where we get to sew along with like minded friends courtesy of Cheryll 

The blue pixilated heart is finished, I might do some free motion hearts in the white squares.

I have prepared some epp diamonds to add to the stars

Reading Fiona's blog this morning I realised I hadn't written about my gift here, I too received happy mail, a mini made by Ingrid, the block I chose was Paths to Friendship, appropriate for us all sewing along together on this quilt.

I have been cutting for the next blocks on Betty's Medallion, 40 four and a half inch squares and 40 Sawtooth Stars, that should keep me busy for a while.

I was a day late with the Anthology blocks, 

but made two this week.
I am off to sort our what I am doing tonight for FNWF, I have some more cutting to do so will start with that.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Here I am

 once again catching up. I don't know where the days go, now we are free from covid restrictions groups have started up again and days just seem to be busy and go by super quickly.

Some things I have been doing

Last weeks Anthology block

I decided to make a poppy mini quilt, I don't know why, maybe because it was ANZAC day coming up, although poppies are more for Remembrance Day I think. I just had the urge! I am happy with how it turned out. I have a lot of poppy fabric bought over time for Aussie Hero quilts, one day I will get to use it.

Four Schoolgirl Sampler blocks were made last week, I am still way behind but will get there in the fullness of time!

Two Saturday's ago I went over to the Leopold Library to but the book Dear Mum and meet Samuel Johnson, at one stage he rode his pink unicycle around the car park, he is still fundraising for breast cancer which took the life of his younger sister Connie.

He is such a friendly person and has a chat to you in a very quiet voice up close, he said he was a bit of a goose in his younger days and now makes much better use of his life.  The whole atmosphere is one of happiness around him, his sister and partner and anyone working with him, when I said that to him, he replied well no one wants to come and see a miserable person!

We had a laugh and then he moved on to the next people in the queue. I was impressed how Samuel gave everyone what felt like their own private conversation.
I was speaking to one of the library staff who was in front of me in the queue, it turns out she went to Gisborne Secondary College where I used to work, although I don't' think we were there at the same time and she didn't often use the library. Another staff member came out to have a chat and she used to manage the Gisborne Library for the Macedon Ranges Library Corp and knows the woman I used to job share with, it is a very small world!

This week I put together a pink pixilated heart quilt top

Put a border on Bettys Medallion

Finished another row on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
Yesterday I cut and laid out a pixilated heart blue top

and by last night it was sewn together. Today I need to cut backing and wadding and do some sandwiching, but first the washing need to to be hung out, it is sunny here today and windy so drying should be no problem.
Happy stitching.