Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Last day

 Sunday arrived and it was the last day of retreat 

Saturday afternoon I decided to buy a kit and make a Drunkards Path quilt even though I had plenty of other projects to do 😁

Annette's final pile of blocks for her Ruby quilt

Mary's applique blocks

Miranda finished her quilt top, after some hiccups and some time spent unpicking. Chooky,  Miranda and I spent some time in the afternoon having an Amish unpicking session.


One happy and proud Miranda, her first quilt top.

All my drunkards path blocks together.

Kate's blocks laid out 

Epp umbrellas, how cute are they?

And one block that goes in-between the umbrellas. Such cute fabric.

Helen and Diane, instruction time. 

They are making the same quilt,  Bloomfield I think, this was what they had finished by Sunday morning. 

Chooky also decided to make a Drunkards Path and these are her blocks , not in finished order as yet.

The sign at lunch sign put out by the lovely Ronnie who cooked out meals all weekend. 

Sunday afternoon we headed off to Chooky place,  we stopped for a view to the Warum Bungles 

Last time I was here there was no green, as they were still in drought 

We have a convoy 😄😄

One last view of the mountains. 
Time for a g &t at Chookies. 
Happy stitching.

Monday, April 12, 2021

A day of sewing

Saturday was a full day of sewing , plus looking at others work around the room

Sally's work in progress

Lynda working away

Mary's beautiful applique 

Miss Jules quilt

Annette stitching away

These are her pieces already done

A little chatting happened,  Jenny and Miss Jules, Diane busy sewing away

Linda made great progress on her beautiful quilt

Brenda sewing away, she has 6 jelly rolls, that have 20 pieces each, making a jelly roll quilt.

Janice made these lovely butterflies 

Brenda's finished quilt top

Diane and Mary working on the weekend project,  epp is involved.

I made 2 Anthology blocks
Then came show and tell

A quilt made by Miss Jules 

And another

This was made by Janice

And another by Janice

And Trail Mix made by Janice

Another made by Janice

And another

This quilt made by Brenda

And a yo yo quilt top made by Brenda's mother

Jenny's beautiful quilt

And another

Lovely quilt made by a Mary 

A quilt made by Georgina 

And another

A beautiful wall hanging made by Denise a few years ago

And a wonderful quilt made by Tina on retreat, blocks put together and the quilt quilted.
Not a bad effort.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Day two and a party

Yesterday was a busy day sewing, I finished my log cabins and with some help from Janice got them the right way around and finished getting them into the quilt top only to have it pointed out by Kate, one block was the wrong way around

Log cabin blocks done

Lynda finished her jelly trolley race quilt

Logs added to quilt top, and yes one is the wrong  way around, it has now been unpicked and sewn back in the right way. 😄

 Janice has been making beautiful blocks, showcasing the

The table set up last night for the party

The kids all turned up and the party got under way

Kate dancing around 

The two birthday girls, Miss Jules and Annette

I am of to try and do some more sewing, a lesson this morning from Chooky in curved epp.
Happy stitching.