Thursday, May 16, 2019

Retreat day 3

Progress has been made by everyone
Some happy faces to start the day, I was buying this fabric in Spotlight and there was 1.75m left on the roll, the assistant offered it to me for 50 cents a meter.....bargain and of course I said yes I will have it!!

The M I nions areon the back of this strip quilt, another for the Kinship carers.

Maxine is making wonderful progress with her quilt top, it shiuld be finished today.

Judy is busy creating her blocks and joining rows.

Carleen is making blocks for her quilt

Maria found this jnfinished quilt top in an op shop for $10, some hexie flowers completed, some just the hexies and she is well on the way to a finish.

And Margaret, despite not feeling the best, has finished three dashounds.  Hope to get a few things done in the morning before heading home.
Happy stitching.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Retreat day 2

Well the blocks I mucked up made it back out of the do not look at bag and after the think tank got together and had a look new blocks have been made.
Yesterday morning I made 11 One Block Wednesday blocks, that brings my total to 130.

Carleen and I went out for a wander and found ageocache 90 m from where we are staying, easiest one ever I have found!! 😊😊 It was a beautiful autumn day.

A little progress was made on the Aussie Hero quilt, the star blocks are now not stars but still can be used than goodness. The stripy bit acroos the top was made from the cut off waste happening here 😊😊.

Carleen finished her quilt top..the fabric is beautiful  and looks like flocked wall paper.

Deciding where the names go on the family tree!!

In the evening another 12 OBW blocks were made, total now 142, still a way to go to catch up, but am happily puttering along.

This beautiful quilt is hanging on a wall at the retreat.
I had better get oing, I slept in this morning,  now it is heading for lunch time.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Retreat Day 1

We arrived and unpacked and got to some sewing. By the end of the day we had some great results.
I started working away on blocks for the Aussie Hero Quilt, sewed and sewed and then realised I had made a mistake, so the blocks went back into the bag and are being ignored for now!!

I started on a simple row quilt to give to the Kinship Carer lady coming to Bellarine Quilters next Monday. Kinship carers support people who are grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren.

Judy is working on this quilt top.

This was dinner last night.

Maxine and I in our special slippers.

One quilt finished before bed. 😊

This quilt was made by Lisa at the Guild, Joan quilted and I put on the binding. This quilt will go to the St John of God oncology ward.

Some of the girls ready to go this morning

Margaret finished one dog for her sausage dog quilt..more  to come. 
Off to do some more sewing.
Have a wonderful day. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

This weekend

we have had visitors come and stay Friday and Saturday, they headed off today. I have sewn a few more One Block Wednesday blocks
another 8 to add to the total, I now have made 119.
Tomorrow I am heading up to Gisborne for a retreat form Monday to Thursday, bags are packed, projects are prepared, probably more than I will get to do!!

I ma making an Aussie Hero Quilt, the request was for a mini family tree, just the four names, so I am including a cockatoo to give it an Australian feel, hope he likes it!!

This is my progress on another Old Time Kaleidoscope block, I made a mistake cutting out the fabric, the kites did not sit together as I thought they would, so three match as they should and three do not. It is in the too hard basket at the present, I will look at it again when I get back.
Happy stitching.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A finish

Last night I did the last few stitches on am Old Time Kaleidoscope block! Yay!!!
Pretty happy with that one, now on to the next!

The Supervisor taking his time getting down the first step this morning.

Bit of a gray and windy day today

But we enjoyed getting out for a walk.
Hank has received his quilt and seems to be happy with it!

I am off to do that blinking tidying, the tidy fairy has not made an appearance all week!!!
Happy stitching.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Hubby and I had a day out to Meredith. We had been here, by accident about 9 months ago, when were actually going somewhere else but took the wrong road. (Commonly known as a tiki tour in this house!!) We had a comfort stop in Meredith, I then realised there were geocaches in ate vicinity, we found one and then vowed to come back.
Our search for a geocache took us along the Ibis walk...we didn't see one Ibis, but they must be here somewhere!

to the Ibis picnic hut where we found a cache, along the creek searching for another one we finally found in a fence post, 

love this old church, we did find another two caches , one which had me scrambling down a hill, thru long grass (while stamping feet) and up a rock strewn small hill, very happy I found the cache but it was a scramble for this old girl!!

This afternoon I had to deliver Guild things to Ocean Grove, so took the opportunity for a walk along the beach, how good would it be in that paraglider (?), imagine the view from up there.

Jonathon was in on the beach

Looking along the beach to Point Lonsdale, I was wandering along and then,

this guy appeared from the sand dunes

I am sure it is not, but he made the flying about look very easy! I wonder how often he ends up in the ocean??

The lion block is nearly finished, just the pink cheeks and bird to do, plus the lion needs a mouth.

Yesterday I made a dog quilt for Hank, son #1 and partners dog, very simple. Hank likes to sit on the quilt I made for Adam, failing that he squeezes onto the one I made for Victor the cat!! Time he had his own I think.
I am off to the sewing room as the footie is on, time for a dvd and some sewing I think.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Last night was FNWF where we are hosted by Cheryll of Gone Stitchn', you can pop over to her blog and see what people got up to.
I was interested in a  quilt Susan and Lynda made at Baradine, as you can see from Susan's blog we had a chat about the quilt and ended up giving each other a challenge to make a jelly roll quilt last night.
We had been out for the day here, longer than planned, so I was late getting organised,  at 7.25pm I was here.

It took me a good three minutes to find the ends and make sure the fabric atrip was all straight.
The first row took 39 minutes and 5 seconds to felt like forever!!
The second row took27 mins and 36 seconds, the bobbin ran out part  way through, thank goodness I had only sewn a short way.
The third row took 12 minutes and 50 seconds
The fourth 7 minutes and 25 seconds
The fifth 4 minutes.
By this time tired brain had set in!!
But I have a quilt top, the cream pieces didn't quite end up how I thought they might, but after a chat with Susan I now understand I should have cut off part of the first strip...we live and learn!!
Quilt top done just  before 10 pm.
Thank you Susan for the challenge and for getting me motivated! 
You can see Susan's beautiful bright top at her Blog.
And thank you Cheryll for hosting another enjoyable FNWF.
Happy stitching.