Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Productive day

So far today I have  dusted, vacuumed and  done a load of washing, done an hours gardening, finished the minutes of the Guild AGM and committee minutes...it is now 2.10pm and I am ready to sit on the couch!! But it is lunch time, I have left over veges in cheese sauce, the Supervisor is right here with me as he LOOOOOVES anything cheese, even brocolli!! 😆😆
See what I mean, right here!!
I got a little done on the Aussie Hero quilt yesterday
I was very excited to get these pictures in the shape of letters, hubby didn't pick it ip at all, so I was a bit disappointed. The recipient is from NZ so thought the pictures in the NZ letters would be appropriate. Maybe only I can see it as I know what it is!! 😆

Then I did some letter sewing across the top.
I finished an Old time Kaleidoscope block last night

And am part way through this one, I am hoping Sandy has enough of a scrap piece as I made a mistake cutting the blue with a line through pieces, and all the fabric has been sold. Fingers crossed.
I am off to the sewing room to create 😆
Happy stitching.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Back on the air. super photo heavy

I have had a wonderful few days at a quilting retreat in Daylesford. It was VERY cold most of the time, Daylesford is much higher than we are here on the coast so the temp is a good 5 or 6 deg lower.
On the way to Daylesford we stopped at Ballan to look for a cache, but we ended up exploring the op shop. Everything in the town had been yarn bombed, including this display outside the pub.

this beautiful old building was originally a tea house

the Werribee River was very high

we stopped to have a look at Sailors Falls, the water coming over was amazing.

One of the locals out the kitchen window.

My first efforts, all cut out before the retreat, went together the first afternoon and evening.

busy ladies.

Three of us had an outing to Trentham Falls, partly to see the volume of water, I have not seen this much water at the falls before, and partly to do a geocache!

The photo is very dark but this shop had a beautiful fabric hanging under the verandah.

A finish for Sue on Thursday.

More of the locals on Thursday,  Mum and bub  feeding at the same time
I am listening even though I might not be looking!

Mum and bub

She has such a huge pouch, bubs tail seems to be hanging out too!!

I think these were wallabies rather than kangaroos  but I am not certain.

Carleen has a finish.

I put my next effort onto the design wall, all the half square triangles were prepared at home.

Judy had a finish, a beautiful quilt from left over blocks.

Thursday morning was 1 deg C when I surfaced, I had missed most of the frost!!

The cars were still icy though.

The kookaburra was looking for breakfast

I accidently got this photo of the lichen while trying to zoom in on the kookaburra!! 

Wednesday evening and Thursday morning I made 54 One Block Wednesday blocks , 

Margaret has a growing collection of dog blocks

How cute is this one with the glasses!!

Carleen was working on her wall hanging..love all the flowers!
Finished quit, slightly different to the pattern, but I am happy with it.
I had a great few days, back home now and caching up.
Happy stitching.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

This and that

Today has been a day of flitting here and there, doing a bit of this and a bit of that, I finished the binding on a quilt to be delivered to the hospital tomorrow, did a load of washing, put a stew in the crockpot and then cut many One Block Wednesday pieces
Now I have over 100 to sew together!

Some wet weather working its way up the bay this morning.

I have started another Aussie Hero's quilt, the request is black and Star Wars, hubby says it is boring, so I had better think about making is more interesting!

I have been stitching away on an Old Time Kaleidoscope Block, all three yellow and brown pieces have ben sewn together and then unpicked and sewn back together the correct way...I will be super careful with the next one!!

This Old Time Kaleidoscope block has nearly ground to a halt as I made a cutting mistake and am waiting on some more blue fabric.

and this afternoon I put a wide piece on the top and bottom of the Minions quilt, hopefully it is now long enough for a three year old to cuddle under. Now it needs wadding, I have some fleecy for the backing to make it extra cuddly.
Time to get some dinner once again!
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Quilt group

Yesterday was the Monday meeting of the Bellarine Quilters, we had some wonderful show and tell.

Pat made this from a Ricky Tims pattern and said it was very challenging.

Love the Aussie birds in the square blocks.

Lynda made this for family in Ireland.

Sorry for the photo quality, Maria made this as the row by row challenge, but changed it around a bit. The quilt has a Christmas theme and her Mum helped with the sewing. Maria's Mum is 90.

Sue made this wonderful quilt for her hubby last Christmas, he chose the fabric!

and the back. 

I spent Sunday afternoon sewing together backings and cutting wadding for four quilts, a big bag of happiness!! They have now gone to Joan of Faraway quilting to be quilted.

And this bag of goodness resulted from lots of cutting Saturday and Sunday, a quilt top all cut and ready to sew next week when I am on retreat.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

International Sisters

A few more sisters joined the family last night, always a good idea to sew when the footie is on the tv!!
Lovely bird fabric from Karen of  KaHolly, for my Sister Karen block.
She is joined by one Sister from NZ and four from Bali.
close up of the Bali Sisters

Sister Karen

and the Kiwi Sister

Last year I bought some orchids from a garage sale, this year we have these lovely flowers

this one also

this one was given to me nearly two years ago and has flowered pretty much non stop. Not sure what I am doing to keep it happy but will carry on. The original flower was pure white, all the flowers since are this colour.
I could hear a galah chattering away over the road, by the time I got the camera, two more had joined in

Such beautiful birds.
I am off to the sewing room now and ignoring the gathering clouds outside...yes I have washing on the line!!
Happy stitching.