Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 we are over at Boronia at Eves place helping her son clear out the house, he has done a lot,  but there is a huge lot still, to be done. There is a skip coming  tomorrow so we have stopped for today as we are really just moving things from one spot to another. Tomorrow things will go out the door. Eve had huge collections of things but also alot of just in case stuff.

This is the room I have been working in, all the cabinets in the centre of the room and book shelves and boxes need to be gone.

Eves craft room, quite a lot has gone but there is a heap  more to go. Chris is hoping to have the house on the market in two weeks! Big job for him. There is a man here now who is looking  at taking some of Eves books  there are over 2000 of them in various bookshelves. Eve loved her books, you can find books on any subject here.

I have spent the last few evenings filling the hexie box. The plan was to sew tonight but I am a bit tired now,  I am not sure if the needle will see the light of day!

The hearts are going ok,  I had to change the zig zag stitch size to a slightly larger one as I kept missing  bits, I will have to go back and do some patch up hand sewing later.

Artfully arranged on my sewing machine, not!! 😁😁😁 I have another seven rows to attach, the bottom border needs to go on and it will be nearly done.
I am off to enjoy a G& T outside in the cool now.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

This week

 has seen more block making, some quilting and some prep for another quilt. I was given 24 quilts for the oncology ward so I have been sewing labels on them in the evening.

This is the Sylvia block from two weeks ago but I don't think I recorded it finished

This weeks Anthology block is called Bars.

I made another Storm at Sea block, 5 made 11 to go!

I made two fpp heart blocks this week, this is how they finish 

They look so much better once trimmed.

Sylvia's Sampler block this week is Clay's Choice.

The cat quilt is finished and will be going to its new owner Monday.

I have been making EPP kite blocks into hearts, I saw on Instagram that a lady pinned hers all down to wadding and backing and then sewed a row of zig zag, I thought that was a good idea, so that is what I am trying. It took all afternoon to iron and starch the hearts and take the papers out. The rows are pinned and the zig zag has started, just one row so far. Hopefully it works! Got to try anyway!!
The hexies are coming along well, I have 5 more to join onto the outer edge and then some big flowers to make to become the next row. I have used a lot of the hexies I had left over so now it is onto making new ones.
Off to do another row of zig zag!
Happy stitching.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 Another first Friday night of the month has come and gone, sped by like the weeks and months are this year! I joined in with other people in sewing along with Cheryl last night.

I managed to get the brown row sewn onto these hexies

Next step is to get these sewn onto the main part of the Mystery quilt.
Then more brown hexies have to be made for the next step. I am still two weeks behind with this but I have the instructions so all will be good.
I had a walk along the beach this morning, the longer I was out the better the weather got

This lavender bush in the back yard had loads of white butterflies resting in it this morning when I first went out, usually they are flitting about.

One day earlier in the week I walked down to the boat launching ramp, many people had been out fishing and as usual the seagulls and pelicans knew where to come for a free feed. The fishermen clean their fish and the bench and the scraps get thrown to the birds. It got a bit rowdy now and then.
I had better off and do some more on the Guild newsletter.
Happy stitching.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Guess what?

 I have been making more blocks!! 😁

Anthology block for this week, slightly wonky but done! It is called Good Luck!

I had to go into Geelong on Wednesday and called into Lizzies quilt shop, I had vouchers to spend! Lizzie also had 20%off which helped. I topped up on some batiks and chose some reproduction fabrics for a project that will be started with friends next year. I need to get some ufo's finished really but it is exciting planning something new.

This was my first attempt at the block called Anvil in Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, I have gone really wrong somewhere!! It is so wonky!

This is my second attempt, blogger has decided to turn the photo around, this one is called Milky Way.

I finished this book this week, set in Australia, I got very involved in the story, it was quite gripping.

This afternoon I put the blocks and rows together for the cat quilt, tomorrow it will be sandwiched and hopefully the quilting will start.
Tonight is FNWF
A virtual sew along organised by Cheryll, there is still time to join in over at her blog.
I am off to decide what to do tonight.
Happy stitching.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Block making

 has continued here,

my first Anthology block just didn't work out, so it went into the bin,

My second attempt worked a little better, this block is called Reflections.

After much block making, raw edge sewing that became quilting and free range quilting the Aussie hero quilt is finished and has gone in the mail. The request was for red and black, poppies, remembrance, ANZAC, silhouette of the Black Hawke helicopter and a submarine and the surname of the recipient. He got a bonus kangaroo and Kiwi!! I am really happy with this one. 

Yesterday I thought I had to motor on with the cat quilt but that now doesn't have to be finished until Nov 22nd, so instead I found a dresden template that had come with a magazine, so had a play to see how it would work.  I appliqued the centre on last night while watching the All Blacks play the Wallabies!
I always enjoy the haka.

A couple of weeks ago when I had many things to do sewing wise, I saw a hexie project, free mystery quilt on Jemima's Creative quilting and as I had hexies left from the hexie quilt I decided to join in!! As you do!! I am nearly 5 weeks behind but this is the first two weeks done, the next round is under construction. Of course I have found I need a lot more hexies than I had left, but that is ok more can be created.

here is this weeks Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block, as yet not finished, hopefully today!

I was sorting through some books last week and found my 2008 Gratitude Journal, I was a bit hit and miss with this, some months are filled in others are not, but it was interesting to have a read through and come across these photos with my boys taken 12 years ago. Brings back lots of happy memories and there is the Chowdy dog squeezing in between Adam and I, you can just see him! I am starting another one this month, never hurts to remind yourself what you are grateful for in life.
I am off now to finish up the Sylvia block
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Blocks for this and that

Last weeks Anthology block, called Confused Geese (very apt I though while trying to make this!)

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block mark 2, Yankee Puzzle, I didn't read the instructions properly and was making this in a rush, always a recipe for disaster, my first block came out at 7 inches. This one is around about the right size!

I made these blocks for the current Aussie hero quilt, looked up the size on the internet and they came out half an inch too small, then I remembered I had made them last week....oh dear!!! They have gone into the orphan blocks box.

The poppy blocks came out the right size as they are foundation paper pieced.

Some happy mail has arrive at my house, it was my birthday last week and I was given wonderful presents and flowers and this sloth wall quilt from Ingrid, isn't it cute!!

And Jill very kindly gifted me this wall quilt, Jill was learning foundation paper piecing and these are the blocks she made. So pretty.

Today I have made simple blocks to go in between the poppy blocks for the top and bottom of the Aussie Hero quilt. Here we are part way through. They are finished and added to the quilt now, I am off to sort out some backing.
Happy stitching.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My Corner of the World

 I am linking today with My Corner of the World to share some photos of my little corner of the world.

Spring is my favourite time of the year

Things are flowering and growing

the colours are beautiful

the sky is a beautiful blue

a surprise of a different colour iris

the native plants are flourishing

bringing in the honey eating birds

and the bees

the galahs were over the road playing on the power lines the other day

swinging upside down 

and back up again, I would like to say they are teenagers having fun but I really don't know!
Good time to enjoy my little corner of the world.