New project for hand stitching under way.
a few more circles added 8/12/2018.
22 circles finished at 20/12/2017.
More circles cut 25/12/2017

and started to do the gathering stitch 25/12//2017.
gathering progress 30/12/2017.
all ready for applique 31/12/2017.
progress as at 15/1/2018 =54 more circles. 
progress as at 19/01/2018
progress as at 21/10/2018
one more finish and another heap ready to be appliqued..1/2/2018.

Progress as at 3/2/2018..more circles glued ready to sew.
24 more circles done 5th Feb 2018.
Progress as at 11/2/2018.
Progress as at 15/2/2018 - 169 circles finished.
a few more added to the collection 15/5/2018

All finished. I need to go find out the date of finish now.

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