Thursday, April 25, 2013

Christmas happened yesterday!!

I participated in this swap - kind of nervously!
CoLouR SwaP
If you are reading this page...
then you are interested in the "Colour Swap"
and that's GReaT !
This swap will require the sending of 4 items...
Something Edible...
Something Scented...
Something for a Room in the House...
Something Personal.

You can make (or purchase) any item you like, however ONE GIFT MUST be hand made.
ALL the gifts are to be in the colour of your randomly chosen partner's colour choice.

For this swap you may have to mail overseas... as it will be a "random" draw.

SO put your thinking caps on and decide on YOUR colour choice. Please keep it simple... colours like red, blue, green. pink or yellow etc.... nothing toooo specific.
When I open this swap up for registration, I'll allocate your partner asap after closing date... so you will get lots of time (probably more than a whole month) to create your "colours" package.

Until then... get the rainbow colours flowing in your head...
Organised by the lovely  Cheryll.
I requested purple and got an amazing package from Anna (no blog) a very talented and very, very generous lady!
Here is what happened!
lovely card and squishy package~

beautiful neck warming scarf~

two purple pens and purple and silver shiny cotton~

a beautiful soft purple scarf, perfect for those cold mornings walking the dog in the park - I will be the best dressed!! :-)

but wait!! There is more!!
a scissor keeper with beautiful purple beads - and lovely card and bag!

an eye relaxer - is that the right thing to say - feels so good on the eyes!

purple non slip booties!! Sooooo cute!

something edible - Timtams, choc biscuits, tea and coffee mix (have to keep No 2 son away from these!!

perfume, and a bottle to fill with my favourite perfume
and have a look at this!! This is Pumpkin!! My very own hand crafted orang-utan!! I was just blown away with the beautiful presents and cannot thank Anna enough! Such a clever and generous lady. I feel very blessed today.


shez said...

wow and double wow Susan you got some awesome gifts,pumpkin is fantastic,was this your 1st swap Sue?.xx

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

OK I will make that a triple WOW. So spoilt with lovely gifts. Pumpkin is just too cute. hugs

marina said...

what amazing gifts! that orangutan is just fantastic, how special.

kiwikid said...

Yes Shez first swap of this kind - I did do a quilted/art kind of postcard swap last year but got very disillusioned because people didn't bother to send cards or acknowledge what I sent to them. So I finished up at the change over time to a new group. Pumpkin is amazing - nearly lost him at work yesterday - he was very popular!! :-) I started calling Pumpkin she but I think she is a he now!!

kiwikid said...

I felt very spoilt Sharon and over whelmed with Anna's generosity and talent!

kiwikid said...

Very, very special Marina!!