Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Attempt at golf

Well yesterday I thought I was doing the right thing and went with DH to play golf at Romsey - I have never played proper golf before - just put-put type golf with the boys.
It was an interesting introduction - it started out a windy day, then we had hail, then rain, then the sun came back out, then more hail, followed by heavy rain - we are at the 8th hole by this time and I am dripping....then the sun came out in time for us to go home!!! Not sure if this is my game....;-)
Mmmmmm....clouds gathering

more clouds but some sun too

most often view of DH due to my lack of hitting expertise!!

Yes, this is hail!!
Think I am better suited to staying home and getting on with my sewing projects!!


Tracee Perry said...

You should of come round for a sewing day at my place Sue. You might of enjoyed it a little more. Oh...and I would of provided lunch.Hehe

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I'm with Tracee, a day sewing with a friend has to be better than golf! :o) hugs

Anonymous said...

i am with you also,tried playing golf once and all i did was put big holes in the ground,lol.xx

kiwikid said...

Now you tell me!!!! LOL!!!

kiwikid said...

I think I have learned my lesson now Sharon!! :-)

kiwikid said...

Me too Shez, I am told the more you play the better you get - not sure that I want to follow that idea!!!